Warframe Resource Farming Guide

No matter how actively you play Warframe, eventually you’ll find yourself in need of one or more resources to build something you need. The best way to farm is to gain multiple useful resources at the same time, thereby reducing the amount of farming you have to do in the long run. Join WarframeThis guide focuses on locations with good drop rates for the resources that are listed, combined with the knowledge that most locations drop multiple useful resources at the same time.

You’ll note an absence of bosses from any recommendations other than Orokin Cells, as they are generally a poor way to farm quickly. Orokin Cells are a bit of an exception to this rule, though we still don’t recommend running Ruk on Tethys unless you’re really desperate. If you have any suggestions on locations where you can farm resources in Warframe, leave us a comment and we’ll check it out!

Resource Good Farm Locations
Alloy Plate Void T3 Survival
Gabii (Ceres)
Argon Crystal Void T1 Defense
Circuits Gabii (Ceres)
Kiste (Ceres)
Control Module Void T3 Survival
Detonite Ampule Miranda (Uranus)
Gabii (Ceres)
Kiste (Ceres)
Ferrite Apollodorus (Mercury)
Fieldron Sample Ara (Mars)
Gallium Ara (Mars)
Olympus (Mars)
Miranda (Uranus)
Morphics Ara (Mars)
Sechura (Pluto)
Mutagen Samples Orokin Derelict Defense
Nano Spores Xini (Eris)
Neural Sensor Sinai (Jupiter)
Neurodes Derelict Assassination
Viver (Eris)
Akkad (Eris)
Orokin Cell Derelict Assassination
Kiste (Ceres)
Tethys (Saturn)
Oxium Baal (Europa)
Mimas (Saturn)
Plastids Mimas (Saturn)
Xini (Eris)
Polymer Bundle Miranda (Uranus)
Apollodorus (Mercury)
Rubedo Drunlo (Phobos)
Salvage Ara (Mars)

Please note that the recommended locations are not necessarily the locations with the absolute maximum drop rate to farm that specific resource. They are however all blessed with good drop rates and are in our experience the best way to decrease long-term effort and time. Effort vs. reward was a huge factor in the decision making process when compiling this table and the result is a list which has served us extremely well.

This list was created by Evil Tactician, Warlord of the ManaPool Clan in Warframe, after spending countless hours grinding resources with other clan members and finding those spots which are ‘just right’. Special thanks go out to all other ManaPool Clan members, who’ve been invaluable in collecting the data required to compile this Warframe Resource Farming Guide.

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