Indie Game Roundup: Trance

Thursday Triple is a weekly roundup of Indie Games from around the Net.

Apologies for the late article – I came down with a nasty bout of illness following a flight across the Atlantic. Needless to say, a plane full of children is about as noisy and germ-filled as a flying tin-can can get.

See No Evil

By Gabriel Priske

There’s something to be said about games that use sound as their main mechanic. Whether it’s an immersive horror or a tactical stealth title, the echoes of footsteps keep friend and foe company during the long, dark hours of what is usually a rather grim experience.

And grim the subject matter certainly is in See No Evil. You play as a Seer, someone who has opened his or her eyes to the harsh reality that is life. Your enemies are those who remain willingly ignorant – even the description for the game is some hefty social commentary on conformity.

But it’s more than just that. With its unique visualization of sound (you can literally see the footsteps you and others make) comes a twist to the classic puzzles of isometric adventures. For something a little different and definitely difficult, this one takes the cake.

Deep Under the Sky

By RichMakeGame, Colin Northway

The guys that brought us Pineapple Smash Crew and Incredipede are back with this colourful explosion of chilled-out goodness. On those days where you want to kick back and relax, what better way to do so than to emulate an extraterrestrial jellyfish?

Deep Under the Sky is a physics-based adventure with only one button for movement. Your goal is to travel through the world’s obstacles for the purpose of enjoying the atmosphere. It’s spectacularly flashy and wondrously mindless. A perfect experience for anyone recovering from a day of work or vacation sickness.

And who knew the planet of Venus could be so gorgeous?

Eminence: Xander’s Tales

By Aeterna Studios

While ManaPool is and always will be a PC-exclusive site, I wanted to include this game if only for the potential of it being developed for PCs. It’s only just begun its Kickstarter campaign, but there’s much to see and get excited about.

Eminence combines TCG mechanics in a world you would expect of an MMO and with dialogue attributed to RPGs. The mixture is a curious one, though the idea of wandering around, engaging foes in a battle of wits, and taking their cards as a victory prize is undeniably awesome.

From quests to character customization, each bit of the game ties into the next, all wrapped-up in clean animations and beautiful environments. Let’s hope this project finds its legs – and with luck, us PC gamers will get to play it too!

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