ManaPool is maintained by a passionate team of people, with one huge thing in common: we all love PC Gaming. Below you will find a list of the people who make this project happen and who donate precious parts of their spare time to keep the lights on!


Evil TacticianEvil Tactician (297)

Managing Editor of ManaPool, Peter lives in York, UK and is a great fan and master of turn-based strategy games. If he isn’t playing one of those, you’ll probably find him in a role-playing game instead. He’s definitely not afraid to provide a straight up opinion on any game and has a strong like for indie developers. We all start small, after all.

LachrymosityLachrymosity (51)

Executive Editor of ManaPool. A student of game design, Amber is currently writing from the frozen north that is Canada. She has a penchant for tactical team-based games and a particular taste for theorycrafting. Want to discuss community and player experience? Talk to her!


James WellsJames Wells (1)

Regular ManaPool writer and good friend of ET. I live and work in York, UK and try to provide a good honest opinion about the games i play. I like variety, strategy and to be challenged by games. I also provide technical backup to fix any problems with the site.

Gary ThwaitesGary Thwaites (2)

Author at ManaPool. Working in the IT industry but with a strong passion for gaming, Gary resides near Brighton, England. He has tactical superiority of RTS games but likes to dabble in turn-based to provide entertainment for the founder of Manapool Peter. Known for hopping from MMO to MMO Gary has a wide array of experience playing MMO’s but is hard to impress after playing the likes of Ultima Online and Anarchy Online. Also known for bad typing and rambling.

Kraken WakesKraken Wakes (3)

Used to be a Doctor (Dr). Now is an actor (Ar), writer (Wr) and gamer (Gr), and would like to get all these abbreviations into general usage, because GrArWr is a much more interesting title to have on your bank card.

Gamer CatGamer Cat (296)

He’s a cat. He likes to play video games. He often has a hard time with this since he’s a gamer cat living in a gamer human world, but he gets by.


Writer at ManaPool. By day, DJMMT is a struggling college alum surviving by making pizza in Wisconsin and looking for better work. By night, he’s a top shelf gamer. His favorite genres are platformers and real time action RPGs. Want to have a long discussion about any topic in gaming? Me too. Send me a message and let’s talk.

ThisWayUpThisWayUp (1)

I’ve been playing games since the dawn of time itself (which to me was when you needed to type your games in from a magazine…). I love lots of different genre’s, but really favor strategy, management / sim, RPG. I do like a good FPS, but I’ve been taking a bit of beating online and am realizing my own short comings. I’m reporting to you from the misty marshes of West London.

Elde GamingElde Gaming (2)

Alexander is a student, a man of many hobbies, and most importantly a contributor to ManaPool.

Thryn HendersonThryn Henderson (5)

Thryn is a multimedia designer who loves unique artwork, strong narrative and teamwork. Also huge quantities of fancy tea. Find her on twitter @Thairyn

OryngtonOryngton (1)

Three years ago, a good friend of mine asked me “Why Oryngton? Why not your real name?”, to which I answered him: “I’d love to see you try to say my name properly: Diogo. Have fun chewing your tongue out.” To this day, he’s yet to accomplish this feat.

James NelsonJames Nelson (0)

I review indie games primarily, but I hope someday I can tackle larger games as I go along.

Love PC Games and always wanted to be a game critic? If you are interested, visit our careers page to learn how you can become a part of our team. Below you will find a list of people who’ve contributed to ManaPool in the past.


Ashley DrydenAshley Dryden (5)

Living in a town in the UK called Leicester, where I am hoping to study Journalism, after which I wish to enter the gaming side of Journalism, thats why I am here, getting practise at writing, all my reviews are welcome to criticism. Also pursuing a art foundation course so I can do a 3D arts/animation course. So yea :P

CelesCeles (0)

I’m an American living in the UK thanks to my British husband. After years of living apart, we’ve been enjoying the novelty of living together since our wedding in October 2009. I love travelling, reading and gaming.

FrozenSerenityFrozenSerenity (0)

To die to sleep; to sleep, perchance to dream… For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come?

To be, or not to be, that is the question.

JaydathorJaydathor (0)

Be it an arrow in my quiver or an opinion in a article, they fly straight and they fly true.

Any problems with anything in my articles, please, don’t hesitate to complain to me and argue with me.

“Those with money, lack ambition, and those with ambition, lack money”

Marc DMarc D (4)

Crazy Dutch fella with an interest in mostly action-packed adventure games, platformers and first-person shooters. I love Real-Time Strategy games, but I *really* suck at them (except for Dawn of War II). I also like physics puzzle games a lot, like Portal and The Ball.

Natalie SmithNatalie Smith (2)

Natalie Smith studied International Relations in Glasgow, and currently works for a digital consulting firm in London. She writes tech and web design articles in her spare time, and also loves trying out new gadgets and reading the entertaining prose of P.G. Wodehouse and David Sedaris, her two favorite authors.

Nathan McDonoughNathan McDonough (1)

Avid gaming addict and geek from the UK. Contact me at

Stefan WardStefan Ward (1)

A Philosophy & Politics student who has travelled to the dark fruit side (i.e Apple Mac).

From Milton Keynes lover of all games time consuming or not. Former WoW addict turned hardcore FPS gamer (you name it i’ve played it) and a fan of a good fun RPG!

Will JohnstonWill Johnston (12)

Writer for Mana Pool living in New York. Enjoys shooters, strategy, and nearly every genre. Has been involved in games in a meaningful way for about half a decade. Began writing for Mana pool in summer of 2012

ZyleZyle (50)

A keen gamer since her parents bought her a NES at the age of 7, Zyle’s more recent gaming preference is for RPGs, Turn Based Strategies and Puzzle games. She’s pretty terrible at FPS and RTS but enjoys them all the same, and is currently avoiding MMOs due to a lack of time! Favourite game of all time: Ultima Online.