Kickstarter: EndDays

If you’re into your Zombie survival games, then you’re in luck. Eleven in a dozen games fall into this genre at the moment, and EndDays is not an exception. I really don’t have much to say here, when running through the Kickstarter page, it pretty much lists features that any of these games have or have done before.

Base building or any form of long-term content is absent from the Kickstarter page, and things look a bit generic from what we can see so far. It definitely needs a lot of work to stand out from the crowd. And this genre is definitely crowded.

Final comments – the team from Dragon Fire Games list at least a person from the UK, USA and Australia. Surely they could find someone among them who could proofread their Kickstarter page and ensure it all works / flows nicely? The English used on it is fairly bad, which doesn’t make a great first impression to people who are essentially asked to invest in them.

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