Kickstarter: SUPERHOT

This is a quick shoutout to a Kickstarter with less than 24 hours to go. The premise is ridiculously simple: time moves only when you move. Unlike usual FPS titles, this one is less about reflexes and more about foresight and tactics.

It’s bold. It’s stylish. And it’s got this great Matrix vibe with all the bullet dodging.

Doesn’t that remind you of something?

SUPERHOT is well over its funding goal of $100k with 10,000+ backers and $233k+ raised. Here’s your chance to pitch into the project before the full release next year.

Some features nabbed from their Kickstarter page

  • Story driven single-player campaign. SUPERHOT is more than just a shooter with a gimmick. We want to deliver a solid, interesting campaign built around a carefully constructed, not overly in-your-face story.
  • Improved visuals. We are keeping the original game’s minimalistic artstyle while making everything look a lot better. SUPERHOT is all about style.
  • Infinite mode. A lot of people have asked us for an endless, arena-style mode that will allow them to play SUPERHOT for as long as they want. Master the game’s mechanics and get ready for the ultimate time-bending challenges.
  • More weapons – shotguns, machineguns, grenades that change the way you play around with the time-bending mechanics.
  • More enemy types – thanks to improved AI the foes will use tactics and be able to work together to hunt you down.
  • More levels – imagine fighting in the middle of a motorway during rush hour, or close combat in an elevator – and other amazing, movie-like scenarios.
  • Slow-motion explosions!
  • Oculus Rift support. Dodge bullets flying right in front of your face and lean behind corners for increased immersion!
  • And a lot of other surprises!

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