UK Online Casino Sector Experiencing Major Growth Due to Technology

In a recent report conducted by the Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom, it was found that the sector was experiencing major growth. The report showed that the bingo and betting sectors had increased to slightly over 38% of the total UK remote gaming revenue. It is now larger than the 20% that the National Lottery accounts for. Land-based operators of casinos have been the biggest hit due to technological advances in online technologies and now only accounts for a 7% total share.

5G Technology

One of the best online casinos is Genting Casino due to it offers a fantastic range of games along with betting options. It has one of the best user interfaces but due to present speed limits of internet connections, it can sometimes lead to laggy when playing live dealer games that require large packets of information to be sent online.

The UK is currently implementing 5G technology to cover most parts of the country. It means that online gamblers’ experiences will be greatly improved thanks to the amazing speed that this next generation of internet connection delivers. It will be able to handle vast volumes of data in almost real-time so consumers do not experience any lagging. It means that casino developers will be able to create more advanced games that have far greater graphics and speed.

Esports is becoming big business in the UK and live streaming gaming events are gaining huge popularity. It has been very difficult for 4G internet technology to handle these events due to the vast amount of data and speed required. 5G It will enable an immersive experience and help take the sector to new levels.

Casino Payment Systems

Online casinos have the largest choice of payment options when compared with other industries. You will find most e-wallets, credit and debit cards, bank transfers and even cryptocurrency at the top casino platforms. Players’ preferred option used to be credit cards and bank transfers but the trends are changing thanks to financial technology.

E-Wallets and money apps help gamblers to manage their money which is vital when gambling online and close attention needs to be paid to this ask financial risk is being taken. They are becoming the preferred option and also have the advantage of been cheaper along with much faster. Cryptocurrencies take things a stage further by eliminating fees, enabling anonymity along with enabling instant deposits and payouts so expect rapid growth in crypto-related payments in 2020.

Final Thoughts

The UK is experiencing a boom in gambling as technology increases its accessibility along with new ways to gamble. The UK Government is adding further legislation to try to curve the demand due to many becoming addicted or getting into financial difficulty. New technology will help to improve the experience along with making it safer so hopefully, it will help to eradicate the problem.

Technology is advancing much faster than regulation which is especially the case when it comes to decentralized blockchain casinos. Smart contracts can run the regulatory framework so help regulate the industry and will help to put an end to rogue operators that take advantage of gamblers.

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