Trends For Online Casino Gambling Heading Into 2020

Most new trends are created by advances in technology and the online casino industry is at the cutting edge of developing new tech to help improve the user experience. Heading into 2020 it is exciting times as over the last decade we have seen major advancements in technology and are entering a golden era. In this article, I will talk about the latest developments that are going to play a prominent role in the industry during 2020.

Skill Based Jackpot Games

The trends show a big increase in demand for skill-based rather than luck-based games such as video slots. Data shows that players prefer competing against other human players so casino operators are starting to develop new games that cater to this demand. There are new games been developed ever a month that enable PVP gambling and gaming sectors’ largest growth has been seen in eSports. In 2020 expect to see huge jackpots available to get gamblers to try these new titles so make sure to grab your free bonuses at online.

Machine Learning AI

Over the last few years, there have been major advancements in machine learning and now it has been implemented in many different industries. Soon, it will be used by casino promo platforms to fully customize the promotions to the user’s requirement. It will do this by learning which games you prefer to play so that it can deliver the optimal results.

Machine learning AI can also be used by players to place the best bets which can be placed by bots autonomously. Many different bots have been created which work best when playing casino games such as roulette. The AI can study each gambler at the table to help predict the outcome using all the data it has gathered so anyone using such software will have a big advantage over the other players.

Casino Automation

Casino operators that can make cost savings through automation can gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. They can either pass the savings onto gamblers in the forms of better odds and reduced house edge games or they can offer larger promotions to help to attract new players. Smart contracts are been used to power the next generation of a platform that works by intelligent code been able to find external and internal data on its own accord and dependant on set protocols.

Final Thoughts

Gambling across Europe has been growing each year which has made Governments concerned about the problems that can be caused by gambling. Heading into 2020 expects to see new regulations introduced that online casinos will need to adhere to help solve the problems of addiction. Operators are also going to have to adhere to stricter money laundering laws which are expected to be brought in next year by the European Gambling organization and new laws will need to be written to control the influx of decentralized cryptocurrency platforms that enable anonymity.

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