Top Casino themed MMO games

With online casinos being as popular as they currently are and the MMO (Massively multiplayer online) games industry also growing at a rapid pace, it is no real surprise that there has been a blending of these two things – in the form of MMO casino games. This piece will look at some of the best examples of these that can currently be found on the market.

One of the best casino themed MMO games around just now is Casino RPG, which is a role-playing game that mixes together elements of tycoon simulation, role-playing and multi-player game-play. The basic idea behind the game is that you embark on a career as a casino gambler and have to progress your way from humble beginnings – through a combination of simulated casino games, mini games and missions.

A big plus point of the game is that the actual choice of casino games is wide, so there is less chance of you becoming bored by it, while you are also offered the chance to create a custom character, a condo environment to live in and a casino of your own filled with other characters to interact with. This all helps to make it one of the most immersive MMO casino games around, while the chance to test your skills against other players and rise in status, gives it an edge.

However, this is not the only strong casino themed MMO game that you can try, as the Four Kings Casino and Slots gives it a real run for its money. This is another game that recognises that casino and MMO go together perfectly, and offers gamers the chance to play on the PlayStation 4 console or on a Mac or PC – via Steam.

As with Casino RPG, it provides a realistically simulated casino environment and lets you create an avatar tailored to your requirements to play as. It also features a healthy selection of casino games – among them the likes of keno, slots, roulette and blackjack – while the casino environment adjusts to fit changes in the games and fashion. This adds a further dimension of realism to the play, while the MMO element lets you play against others which adds sociability and makes it more of a challenge.

Finally, there is Vegas World, an MMO casino game created by FlowPlay. Again this features a very big choice when it comes to the actual games, with more than 45 slots games along, as well as social video poker and multiplayer blackjack. As with the other titles featured, it essentially combines MMO gaming with role-playing, as you develop a character and then head out into a simulated Las Vegas casino to gamble – but the Vegas element gives this formula another twist.

All of these games let you play some of your favourite casino games, but this is strictly for in-game stakes rather than real money. However, alongside great MMO gaming experience, they are also a way to polish your skills in case you decide to venture into a game of poker or a mobile roulette at a land or mobile casinos for real.

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