The New Age of PC

If you are old enough – and I’m talking really old – you may remember the birth of the game console. That’s the shocking truth for those of us who owned products like the Commodore 64, Spectrum 48 or the Atari 2600.

It was nearly 40 years ago now, and a new generation of games consoles were about to dominate. The Sony Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox led the way with mega blockbuster franchises such as Fifa, Halo, and Call of Duty. You could be forgiven for thinking it would never end but you would be wrong. All things must pass and so experts are now predicting the games console will be dead within 20 years.

And what will replace it? Well you probably own one already and that’s your PC laptop. Laptops in the last 10 years have improved out of all recognition. They can now match the consoles for performance, and they are multipurpose by nature.

The days of the CD sale seem numbered and with the birth of new app and websites like Steam, 3 out 4 games are now sold (downloaded) as PC games. China and India are the big new players in this market and both seem firmly committed to PC rather than console. Around 30 million consuls have been sold compared to 308 million PC sales worldwide.

There is another story happening in the PC world and it has captured the imagination of millions. It’s called E-Sports and it’s become a massive trend. Highly professional gamers do battle for huge stakes in front of a video audience of millions and it’s only available for PC. Las Vegas is betting on E-Sports becoming the next big thing among the niche genre of future gaming generations.

Maybe that takes your fancy or perhaps you prefer something a little less stressful like playing slots online. Whichever it is you and millions like you will be entertained in the similar ways. You get to experience the best technology has to offer in the comfort of your own home. To highlight the popularity the E-Sports trend Hollywood funny guy Will Ferrell is expected to be starring in an E-sports movie. The movie as yet untitled will hopefully be released next year with the emphasis on comedy.

Now I don’t know for sure how old Will Ferrell is, but I bet you he is a real gamer.

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