The Humble Weekly Sale: Simulators!

This time around The Humble Weekly Sale features a truckload of simulators (yes, I totally went there). A total of eight simulation games if you go for the $10 payment, starting at the basic level with Bridge Project, Trainz Simulator 12, Euro Truck Simulator and Wildlife Park 3.

At $6 upwards, you can indulge your inner farmer with Agricultural Simulator 2013 and Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming. Additionally, we all know farmers play pool in their spare time so you also receive Pool Nation.

And finally if you’re really hardcore into the whole farming thing, at $10 or above you also get the all-new Professional Farmer 2014 in which you can drive an array of historical tractors and sell your own produce at the local farmer’s market.

Humble Weekly Sale: Simulators!

As always, a minimum of $1 is required to receive Steam keys for the games.

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