The Humble Weekly Bundle: Platforming

Platformers are great bits of bite-sized fun. Whether you’re on your lunch break or need to sink an entire afternoon’s worth of time, the games in this weekly bundle are perfect for any occasion. From beat ’em up, to action-stealth, to the puzzler variety, just grab a controller to best experience this collection.

Pay what you want for Shank 2 and Blocks That Matter. For $6+ also receive Runner2, Megabyte Punch, and Fly’n. And with a contribution of $10 or more, you’ll get Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition and King Arthur’s Gold.

Humble Weekly Platforming

I, for one, know that Runner2 alone will open a black hole for which my high-score-driven OCD-esque predisposition will throw me into. But I’m not complaining. Even the $10 for Mark of the Ninja is a steal for both platformer-enthusiasts and fans of the stealth genre.

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