Magicka Streetdate Set – January 25th!

Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Games have confirmed the release date for Magicka during the Paradox Interactive Convention 2011.  The highly anticipated fantasy action title will be released online on January 25th (As in, now – Today!) and in retail box in EU/US on February 15th.

To mark the occasion they have also unveiled a new video interview featuring a quick glimpse into the Norse Mythological and satire-filled world of Magicka.

Magicka will transport players into a fantasy environment unlike anything ever experienced before. Save the world of Magicka from doom as a co-op effort in a team of four, or single handedly using a fully dynamic spell system. Prepare to defeat the evil wizard as you wreak havoc and devastation on the minions of darkness in thirteen action packed levels. If you’re wondering what Magicka is all about, check out Mana Pool’s full preview of Magicka.

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A keen gamer since her parents bought her a NES at the age of 7, Zyle’s more recent gaming preference is for RPGs, Turn Based Strategies and Puzzle games. She’s pretty terrible at FPS and RTS but enjoys them all the same, and is currently avoiding MMOs due to a lack of time! Favourite game of all time: Ultima Online.

  • Evil Tactician

    After a while we got our first game going in challenge mode (adventure mode still had too many bugs and we kept crashing or otherwise losing connectivity).

    First impression: Fucking awesome – best fun we’ve had in quite some time. We incidentally also entered the top-15 on the global leaderboard (arena) but we suspect that position wont hold for very long!

  • Teronfel

    After the(huge)patch it runs better,i still have some problems in singleplayer and i haven’t
    managed to play multiplayer but so far i really enjoy this game.It definetely worth the 10euros.

  • Evil Tactician

    I have the feeling we’ll be running a few multi-player challenge sessions in our Steam group once the review process is out of the way and a few more bugs have been squashed – so if you’re looking for some multi-player down the line, keep your eyes open for ‘events’ in our Steam community!