The Gaming Capitals of Europe

With travel opening up and more and more destinations being greenlit, the chances to get away on holiday are ever-growing. And what better way to make the most of a getaway than in one of the gaming capitals of Europe.

It’s the opportunity to take excitement levels to the next level, as well as enjoying the fine dining and James Bond-like lifestyle that often comes with it. There’s certainly been a rise of people enjoying games online over the past 18 months with sites, seeing a huge boost in people playing bingo at home.

But where are the gaming capitals of Europe exactly? We select our top three…


Kicking off in the UK, we’re going to the capital and London, where the bright lights of casinos and bingo halls are lit up across the city. You’ll find some of the world’s most exclusive and extravagant casinos in the world in London, including the likes of The Ritz and Les Ambassadeurs.

You have to be a member or staying in the hotel to head there, while you’ll find the likes of the Hippodrome Casino and The Victoria in the heart of the city, offering great gameplay and entertainment all within a stone’s throw of the many other attractions the city has to offer.

Monte Carlo

The principality of Monaco is home to one of the most famous casinos on the planet and a trip there isn’t complete without a visit to the Monte Carlo Casino.

The casino was built in 1863 as a way for the struggling royal family to boost their earnings, and it proved a success as 158 years later its still one of the most respected venues in the world. You’ll find plenty of other services around the venue, including first-class dining and a range of bars and nightclubs to really take your stay to optimum luxury levels.


600 miles north from Monte Carlo is Paris, another hotspot when it comes to luxury gaming. Like London, some of the world’s most exclusive clubs are based in the city and you can’t help but feel the great sense of history they have the moment you step through the door.

There are also many options in terms of casinos for the more budget player too, with it easy to drop into a casino after an afternoon visiting the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower.

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