Slot Games Broken Down

Since casinos escaped the seedy, dark alleys of the early morning stagger and became home to not just the inebriated, slots have been at the forefront of the dawn of the new era. Designed by child prodigies stolen from NASA and with themes ranging from ancient inequity to outer space, something for everyone is shown in every sense of the word. But what is all the fuss about really and which sites have the best selection?

From homegrown heroes to those abroad, like Finnish site, it’s worth looking outside the box sometimes to find the best slot games out there. Designers are constantly juggling the art of the game with its mathematical brilliance, but it’s no good having the best product out there if no one will look at it twice. But what makes some games winners, with others falling at the first hurdle?

What Makes a Good Slot?

A good slot depends on how good a juggler that design team makes. Balance is everything. Throw in more features than the iPhone 20 and, bobs your uncle, a new star is born. If only it was that simple.

From the start, it’s the art of the game that sucks us in. Design teams are constantly working on new designs to tickle our taste buds and more often than not, for a previously released game. If it doesn’t look good, next! But then the features need to be enough to keep us interested without needing a PhD in astrophysics to keep up. There’s that balance again. Many slot games have wild symbols, nudges and re-spins all there for our entertainment. But all this is nothing if the bones of the game were never there to begin with.

Fought over like the wars of old, patents are now the main weapon in every designer’s arsenal to defend against those that will stop at nothing to steal their design babies and flog them off to the highest bidder. A decent chunk of every game relies on the bones of a game to see it through to the holy grail of gaming satisfaction, the top ten list.

Where to Find the Best Slots?

The thing is that opinions are like elbows, everyone’s got one. We are all unique snowflakes, so every good casino knows that variety is the key. Have a quick look not just how many games a site has in its library, but also which software providers they have. The more software providers, the more themes their games will have and the more likely you’ll find the one that moistens your taste buds.

Casino bonuses are at the forefront of all leading online sites, and worth jumping ship for. Welcome offers are perfect to fund your excursion through a new sites library without wasting away your own moolah. Check if deposit bonuses will have the casino chipping in whenever you do and also which games are the flavour of the month to play your free spins on, the holiest of holies when it comes to slot games.

Free Spins, Free Money!

All trending slot games get put on a pedestal at some point, and usually by way of a casino’s “game of the month”. Invest in their casino and they might return the favour with some free spins, and commonly on the latest game to be on everyone’s “it” list. It’s not just the best way to keep the odds in your corner, but to keep up to date with what’s the newest big thing in the forever changing world of slot games.

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