Live Dealer: The Pinnacle of Development of the Online Casino Industry

When online casinos first appeared, there was a revolutionary change in the way they are played. For the first time in history, players were given the opportunity to play their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes. Also, the offer is much bigger than in traditional casinos. Quite naturally, there is the emergence and progress of Live Dealer, i.e. live casino games. The hosts are professional dealers and, as the name “live” suggests, it all takes place in real-time.

Initially, when they emerged, live games were not as accessible as they are today. Only several online casinos in the world had them and used software they developed internally. With the development of technology, the demand for Live Dealer games has grown more and more. Many large online casino software development companies have started creating their own software and offering it to casinos. Of course, there was an increase in competition, which resulted in better and better versions. Thus, software providers began implementing more advanced features in Live Dealer games, and users get the opportunity to enjoy a multitude of new games of increased quality.

Live Casino Games – the Prestige of Online Casinos

Nowadays, the inclusion of Live Dealer games has become the industry standard for any top online casino, whether it is located in the UK (and the largest are listed at, USA, Russia… The availability of live games is often a sign of an online casino’s commitment to its player base to provide them with the best possible service. With the improvement of technology and the speed of the Internet, live games are becoming more and more popular and are played by millions of aficionados around the world.

Providing quality live games is not an easy job. On the consumer side, it seems simple, it is just one click on a button and… but in the background, it is a complex process. Already established providers, such as Microgaming and Playtech, have begun developing their own software and live studios. At the same time, there are new development companies whose only goal was to create this type of software. Companies like Evolution Gaming, Extreme Live Gaming, and Actual Gaming are focused exclusively on creating and distributing Live Dealer, i.e. live casino games.

Games Broadcast From Professional Studios

Software providers broadcast games from professional studios. They are in charge and responsible for maintaining the software and equipment. There are similarities and differences between each company but the main idea is relatively the same. In the center is a picture from the studio that is broadcast live. There are several useful features on the side, such as a chat window, where players can communicate with the dealer or other players. Some providers also include statistics, in which players can view previously played hands. It is common practice to have a graphics board where you can see the cards of the player himself, of the dealer, and other players.

Live games have the advantage in the sense that you can see much more details and statistics. The technology is very complex, involving hardware, software, and human staff. The whole process takes place in a professional studio where games are recorded with high-tech cameras. Most games have only one camera, but it is common practice for games such as roulette to have three or more camera angles. The recordings are then broadcast over the Internet to the computer of users who can place their bets. The staff usually consists of a croupier, a boss, a cameraman, and an IT manager.

Most Common Live Casino Games

Live Dealer games are the best way for punters to experience traditional casino gambling, but with more benefits. These games represent the biggest leap in technology that the online casino industry has recorded since its inception. The number of games depends on many factors, mainly the software company.

The standard games that you can play in the Live Casino section on casino sites are:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Casino poker
  • Games with dice, drums, and the wheel of fortune are becoming more common

Live Dealer games are taking a big step towards becoming an indispensable part of the future of gambling. Examples of some of the games you can try are Roulette Live, Lightning Baccarat, Side Bet City, Football Studio, Mega Ball, and many, many more.

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