Which Platform Is More User-Friendly: PC or Smartphone?

The online casino has beaten the traditional land-based casino in a lot of ways. People now prefer online casinos because they find them much convenient. Convenience and other factors like daily bonuses, new visually improved games, competition, and 24/7 availability all have cemented their place in the hearts of gamblers.

Now people can access these online casinos from anywhere at any time with the help of the internet and an electronic device like a computer or a smartphone. To make it more interesting, several betting portals are offering amazing discounts and bonuses for their players. Try your luck at Betway bonus code to get a headstart in your journey!

Now, this has created another burning question in the minds of these online casino visitors. Which device should you choose for online casinos? A computer or a smartphone? The answer to this question is not straightforward because it depends on the player and their situation.

What Should You Use to Access Online Casinos?

To be honest, there is no fixed answer to this question. It depends on the situation and routine of the player. For someone, the answer could be a computer and for someone, it is a smartphone. We have broken down the pros and cons of accessing online casinos with a computer and a mobile phone.

Computer (PC)

In the case of power comparison, computers are far more powerful than mobile. But we are not here to compare the power of this device. We are here to the advantages of computers for playing in online casinos.


The first advantage of playing in an online casino using a computer is that you are getting a better overview of the game you are playing. Plus the big display of the computer will let you have a better look at what is going on in the game. Another benefit of a big display is that you can view multiple pieces of information about the game you are playing together in the display. This will help you in live casinos where you will need to take glances at multiple factors in a short period.

Another advantage is the payment option. Usually, the computer version of online casinos has more payment options than mobile phones.

The final advantage is the availability of games. Here, the power of the computer comes to play. Because of better computing capability, it can pull out casino games with better graphics.

The bigger display of the computer lets you have a better experience of the game. Some of these games are not to be found on the mobile platform because of the limited computing capacity of smartphones. But with time, it may no longer be an advantage of PC because phones are getting more powerful day by day.


The main disadvantage of playing online casino games on PC is that you have to be in a stable place. For example, you are in your home on an off-day. That is a better time to use the PC for online casinos as you are not in a hurry and have to go somewhere. And if you have a desktop, there is no way you can move while playing.

Another disadvantage is electricity. Unless you are on a laptop or a desktop with UPS, you are ok with it.

By looking at the advantage and disadvantages of PC, we can say that it is a better device for playing online casino games only if you work in a fixed place and don’t move around much.

Smartphones (Mobile)

Now let us talk about the other part of the conflict, using a smartphone for online casinos. It is kind of hard to argue against the fact that smartphones have brought the true meaning of online casinos by making them accessible from anywhere at any time. But it has its limitations against PC.


We have already mentioned the first advantage of using smartphones for online casinos. That is accessibility. Or you could say mobility. Smartphones stay in our pockets and have their power source, a battery.

And if you don’t have Wi-Fi around you, you can use mobile carrier data for the internet. Thus you can access your favorite online casino at anywhere any time.

That means you can play online casino games while waiting for the bus and on the bus. This mobility of smartphones gives you both convenience and accessibility in playing in online casinos.


Sadly there aren’t any other advantages of using smartphones for online casinos. The disadvantages are lack of payment options and possibly some lacking of games.

By evaluating the advantage and disadvantages of playing online casino games on smartphones, we can say that it is for those who travel around often and always on the move.


So what is the conclusion of our argument? It is that the answer to the question about which device you should choose depends on you. If you work n a stationary place, use a PC. But if you are always on the move, it is better to play on smartphones.

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