How to Improve Your Madden NFL Game

If you’re playing the latest Madden NFL video game, then you are probably an avid gamer and a fan of the National Football League, but these factors alone are sometimes not enough to keep a winning streak. Follow these tips below to improve your overall game, but in particular for offense.


Get the timing right in order to influence passing and rushing. Remember when rushing to avoid pressing the run button until you hit the gap on the line, which is a common mistake to make for gamers that haven’t played for a long time. For passing, you need to know your receiver’s routes and when they will cut to be successful; however, this cut is a very small window of opportunity which closes quickly. To improve your timing on this, practice with one receiver before you can build up your confidence and are able to know when and what order each receiver will be in the best window within their route.


Watching real live NFL games will have a positive impact on your Madden game since it is impossible to consider American football without watching it on television. Watch American Football wherever you are by streaming it through your computer, smart TV or laptop to get to know more about the intricacies of the game and to understand better the rules of the league. This will keep you motivated and excited to play your next game or to practice harder – and don’t forget to pay attention to the commentators since they often offer an opinion that could help to improve your game online.


Ensure that you have a few game play tricks up your sleeve but don’t overuse the same one each time you play online, since the opponent will get to know your weak spots and figure out how to anticipate your actions and win. Gather a few different running and passing plays that you’re good at on offense, using a variety of formations and then use them in the game one you’ve figured out the best time. When you get better, make sure that you commit more time to learning the ins and outs of defence because this will help you a lot more with your offensive game.


Practice makes perfect in practically all walks of life and online gaming is no exception. This means practicing at every chance you get and even going into practice mode or the ‘LAB’, as Madden gamers would say, to perhaps test a new offense or trying what you learned in a game from another online player. This is a stress-free zone where you can take time to figure out how to play your best game and even listen to the game playing tips of others through your headset while doing so, in order to gain new perspectives and knowledge.

Following these tips above can certainly lead to an improvement in your gaming ability at Madden NFL. However, most importantly you need to remember to keep playing fun and enjoyable, there’s no need to get frustrated if you don’t have the perfect roster in the first week or month – just keep practicing.

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