Dead or Alive II – The Perfect Slot to Play after Red Dead Redemption 2

While the western genre may have faded into the background in Hollywood, it still remains strong in the world of gaming. Thanks to Rockstar Games’ hugely successful Red Dead Redemption 2, gamers are hungry for more gun-slinging, Wild West action than ever before. It’s going to be hard for any game to live up to the sheer scale of the Arthur Morgan adventure, but there are a few titles out there that can stir up some of the feelings that players enjoyed when traversing the vast terrain of the console offering. The online slot game, Dead or Alive II, could be the perfect game for fans of RDR2 to play.

Full immersion into the setting

RDR2 really gave players a sense of what it would have felt like to be one of the few remaining outlaws in the Wild West. The sprawling open-world adventure is set in the late stages of that era, with civilization creeping into lands which were once fully under the control of the gunslingers. The protagonist, Morgan, begins to question whether the life they are leading is still sustainable on the final frontier, and this leads to a number of interesting conflicts.

Not only is the storyline and voice acting up there with the best games of all time, but the visuals and gameplay are also second to none. Indeed, the missions are so varied and rich in detail, that there is never the feeling of repetition throughout the sixty-odd hours of play time. Aside from the main plot, there are various other activities to do in the game world and, despite it being released in October 2018, players are still finding things to do.

RDR2 spurs a desire for more Wild West

As tends to be the case with such seminal pieces of entertainment, players who enjoyed the game are hungry for other titles which provide a similar experience. One of the most obvious games to have achieved that is Dead or Alive II, an exciting slot from NetEnt which is one of the most popular games available to play at online casino sites. The iGaming title makes players feel as though they are outside a saloon on a dusty track ready to participate in a duel. It has all the clichés that make westerns so iconic, including revolvers, hay bales, and train heists. There are wooden buildings around the reels, and the soundtrack is reminiscent of RDR2 as well.

NetEnt has become one of the top iGaming developers in recent years and has produced some of the most notable games. Whenever the Swedish company drops a new title, the iGaming community gets excited, and Dead or Alive II has been one of its most popular options in recent years. Perhaps this was helped by the success of RDR2.

There are various mobile games which provide players with Wild West action to help with the RDR2 comedown. But in terms of recreating that harsh and unforgiving atmosphere of the Rockstar Games title, Dead or Alive II is arguably the best option.

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