Why Live Streaming Slots Is As Compelling As Gaming

There’s something hypnotic about watching a gamer blast through levels on Rainbow Six, breaking the law in Grand Theft Auto V or defeating everyone on Fortnite. It’s a growing trend; over 560 billion minutes of gaming were watched on Twitch in 2018, and figures are already up 20% in 2019. However, it’s not just gaming that attracts viewers. There’s a growing trend for watching streamers play online slots too, and it can be just as entertaining.

Finding free-to-play online slots

For players who watch streamers because they don’t want to spend real money, free-reel spins can be just as fun as paid options. There are many different themes to choose from, some inspired by TV shows like Game of Thrones or Deal or No Deal or movies and of course epic sagas like Journey of The Gods or Immortal Guild.

The gameplay has also become more immersive, involving tumbling reels, colossal reels, wilds, scatters and free spins all leading to bonus levels. It’s no wonder that free slots are just as popular as playing with real money, some of the advanced gameplay and bonus features being similar to those found in highly popular mobile games. Whether you are playing with real money or just want to try some free slots, nearly all of the slots reviewed at CasinoGrounds have free versions available, all of which are safe and secure to play, offering the same compelling gameplay.

Live streaming slots as entertainment

Streaming is popular with gamers and gamblers alike, and they have more in common with each other than just being online. Viewing gamers is a natural step from watching friends battle Namco at the arcade or watching mates compete against others online in FIFA 19, which can give us a certain amount of satisfaction in witnessing both victory and failure.
The same is true for our first forays into the world of slot machines. It isn’t unusual to see groups of people gathered around a slot machine advising on what buttons to press and what bonus feature to choose.

Take the new slots game Dead or Alive II, where much of the excitement (not just in playing, but watching too) comes from the soundtrack. Catchy, fast-paced music intertwined with melancholic guitar solos change in accordance with the gameplay or bonus levels. The western-inspired game has gunshots, ricochets and reload effects every time you hit spin, which keep streamers and gamers alike entertained. It is strangely hypnotic, both in demo mode and for using casino bonuses.

The growth of mass participation gaming

This trend of streaming niche gaming genres extends to online poker too, with the World Series of Poker and numerous satellite tournaments regularly covered by broadcasting channels. While the popularity for watching professional poker players has steadily grown, so too has the appetite for mass public participation in both real money and free-to-play versions found online. Esports has matched this in interest too, with live tournaments broadcasting to huge audiences in arenas like the O2 in London and Madison Square Garden.

Slots, poker and esports are just three genres of online gaming can be played and watched in a fun and safe environment. Free online gaming allows players to experience all the thrills of the slot machines without any of the risks involved, while viewing others’ online slots sessions or playing for free can be a satisfying way to improve your skills.

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