VR Slots – Is This The Next Big Thing In Online Gambling

There have been attempts to popularise VR slots and there are a few casino sites that have already released and made such games available. However, it is still too early to tell whether virtual reality slots will eventually replace standard, regular online slots that we have today.

The gambling industry usually followed the conventional gaming industry and introduced new technology after it was tested and applied on conventional video games. For example, 3D video games have been around for quite a while before the first 3D video slots appeared. As slots are instant games that need to load fast and support all types of devices, slots developers didn’t pay that much attention to graphics.

Online Slots Became More Dynamic

However, in the past few years we witnessed the emergence of more than few online slot games with impeccable graphic features. In fact, there are even older games which might not be at the best level in terms of graphics and sound effects but are well-rounded products. Starburst is one example of a highly-enticing game and if you like to see a slot game with simple graphics, yet very refined, check out Double Bubble SlotsWise and you’ll understand what we’re talking about.

And it’s not just graphic features. Slots of the old age didn’t come with bonus features, there were no free spins, let alone other mini games, or even special symbols. Nowadays games are a lot more dynamic, even interactive. There are games, like Castle Builder and Castle Builder II where you make progress with every subsequent spin and your progress is saved when you log in to play the game next time.

The First VR Slot

The release of the first VR online slot was announced a while ago. It was at the beginning of 2017 when NetEnt decided to start working on the VR version of Gonzo’s Quest and while there was and still is a lot of interest around VR slots, this new trend hasn’t become as popular as expected.

There are few reasons why that is the case. Firstly, VR headsets are still quite expensive and while some fans of conventional video games have purchased VR headsets, these still aren’t major with slots players. On the other hand, the cost for casino operators to integrate VR technology and to build VR-friendly sites is still quite high whereas the targeted group of players is rather small compared to the mainstream audience.

Can We Expect A VR Expansion?

So, although some expected a VR-casino boom soon after the first VR slots appeared and that didn’t happen, it still doesn’t mean that VR slots are dead. On the contrary, as the cost of VR technology is bound to drop in the upcoming period, we can expect to see more VR slots and more VR casinos moving forwards. After all, the first online casino appeared in the 1990s and online casinos didn’t become a major trend until at least several years later.

There is no reason why that wouldn’t happen with VR, especially since what experience taught us about online casino games and their relation to conventional video games. In few years time, VR slots will almost certainly be a major trend.

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