Top 5 Betting Systems to Try the Next Time You Gamble

While betting systems are a losing proposition, in the long run, they surely make for some interesting gambling sessions. Punters can sometimes win big using betting systems but which one you try and when makes all the difference. On that note, here’s our list of the top five betting systems to try the next time you’re at a casino.

5 Popular Betting Systems to Try the Next Time You’re at a Casino

1. The Labouchere System

The process requires you to choose a winning goal, say $100 for instance. You first write down a sequence of numbers that add up to the goal amount. For example, $10, $20, $30, and $40. For the first bet, add the first and the last numbers, $10 + $40 = $50. If you win, cross the amounts off your list. If you lose, add the amount to the end of the list. Continue adding the numbers to the corresponding side until you achieve your goal or exhaust your bankroll.

2. The Martingale System

Probably the best and the easiest betting system to follow. Once you win, simply double your bet. For instance, start by betting $10 on the red line, if you lose, bet $20 on the next red line. The process continues until you win or run out of cash. If you win, you recover your entire wager along with a sizeable portion of the profits. But more importantly, you’ll have fun along the way.

3. The 1-3-2-6 System

Perhaps best explained with an example, the 1-3-2-6 system starts with a fixed amount, like $10 for example. If you win that bet, wager $30 on the next round. If you win again, wager $20 on the next round, and finally, if you win, wager $60 on the next round. The goal is to win four rounds in a row, following which the cycle restarts. Start from scratch if the cycle is interrupted in the middle.

4. Win a Million Dollars With a $5 Bet

An interesting concept formulated by Michael Bluejay, a genius and cheeky gambler who also formulated the Bluejay’s Halfies System. This one is more of a thought experiment rather than a practical gambling system. The idea is to keep doubling the size of your bet after each win till you reach the betting limit. That’s a significant winning session and is far from possible in the real world. The process works using a similar ideology as progressive jackpots.

5. Bluejay’s Halfies System

Although the process isn’t more reliable than any of the other systems on this list, and Michael Bluejay will happily vouch for the statement, it’s still a lot of fun. The system relies on the ideology that your best chance of winning an even-money negative bet is to wager your entire bankroll on a single bet. The idea is if you win, you’ll have a greater chance of doubling your money in the least amount of time.

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