The most anticipated games of 2020

Marvel’s Avengers

“Marvel’s Avengers” opens our list. Each of the movies about the Avengers collected a huge box office, so it is not surprising that the game is so expected. “Marvel” (in collaboration with “Crystal Dynamics,” continues to develop the game line of this universe. The trailer of the game shown at “Gamescom 2019″ only fueled the desire of the fans. It is already known that it will be possible to pass “Marvel’s Avengers” in the cooperative at scr888, and you can play for any of the superheroes from the first parts. Fans already have a favorite hero (“Hulk-destroy”), so we’re all waiting for 15/05/2020 to enjoy the game fully.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Fifteen years after the release of the first part (which, to be honest, was destroyed by the thirst for profit and haste), “Studio Hardsuit Labs” revived the favorite game of many players. A new trailer has shown already familiar mechanics of the game: difficult decisions, vampire abilities, new areas of Seattle, new actions and animations. So far, the developers have shown only the alpha version, which (though it looks a bit raw) is quite impressive.

Halo Infinite

This is the sixth sequel of the acclaimed series “Halo.” The truth is, in the last parts, it was visible that the developers had much fewer ideas. However, according to them, now everything will be different, and the game will become a restart of all series. In “Infinite,” the lone pilot will find a miraculously survived master chief and bring him back to life by restarting his exoskeleton. Wars with aliens have always found a niche in the gaming market. Now, all of this will come to a new level. The game is planned for autumn 2020, so let’s hope that the developers praise themselves and the project for a reason.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

According to the developers, the game will reach a new level. You will be able to feel like a medieval warrior again. It is already known that the game has been significantly improved in terms of artificial intelligence, which will now use realistic, smart, and effective battle tactics. In general, the territory will be larger, the cities- more detailed, the battles- more realistic, and the gameplay- richer. All this will now be available in “Mount & Blade 2″. Unfortunately, the developers don’t call even an approximate date of release. However, closed sources have announced an approaching beta test, and we can assume that the game will be released in spring 2020, + – a couple of months.

Ghost Wire: Tokyo

This is an adventure thriller, where you have to understand why the locals disappear in Tokyo, at the same time struggling with various paranormal phenomena. It is already known that the game will deal with mysticism and occultism; all this will be imbued with philosophical thoughts, intriguing and impressive ideas. And most importantly, the manufacturers prepare something new, which all the community has waited for so long. The developers have already said that the game will belong to the genre of horror, but they also assure everyone that they have created a new genre and that the game can’t be called an ordinary horror story. There is no exact information about the release yet, but it is presumably next summer or autumn.

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