Team Fortress 2′s new Mann Vs. Machine mode

debunking rumors that a third robot class was going to be added, Valve today posted an announcement on the official Team Fortress 2 blog for the new Mann Vs Machine mode for TF2. The mode pits six players in a horde mode style arena. Players will be tasked with preventing the machines from delivering a “bomb shaped self-destruct device” to a factory. And you’re not just battling for a highscore, loot will be a part of the mode.

No word yet about any new powers that the players will have outside of the existing class abilities, but the machines don’t follow the normal nine class structure. Currently announced are classes such as the Steel Gauntlet and Heavyweight Champ. Both enemy types use the robot-heavy model, but use different weapons. This mode is not just you against the normal TF2 AI with a robot skin,  Mann Vs. Machine is entirely new game mode and breaks away from the two team death match of normal TF2. Sparse details on the enemy classes are on the three-day event’s page. Along with the announcement came a snazzy, wild-west style trailer.

The gamemode will also include more powerful version of enemies that move half as slow but are real big and real powerful, as well as a super enemy (however there are no details about this other than a vague hint at it). Hopefully this update will spark or re-ignite some interest in Team Fortress 2, one of my personal favorite games. This could possibly give new players a good way to build up their skills offline without being subject to the ridicule and shall we say “asshole-ery” of the TF2 community (although this is present in all online gaming communities).

A new map was also revealed. Anymore details will be posted in the next two days on the update’s home page. Tomorrow’s labeled ‘mercs day’, and the day after is bounty day. Keep an eye out for the August 15th update release day.

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