Slots Tips You Really Should Know About

If you love playing slot machines, you may have wondered what you can do, if anything, to increase your chances of winning. Is it really just a randomised game of luck? Well, there is nothing you can do to actually change the odds of winning, but there are a few tips and tricks that will help you get the most from your games. has put together a quick guide to the things you really should know about slot machines to help you get started.

Take Advantage of Bonus Codes

Most casinos offer bonus or promo codes to new customers signing up to the site. There are generally two types on offer, no-deposit or deposit. A no-deposit sign up means you can actually play slots for free; however, the amount of credit offered will be relatively low. Of course, if you win during this free period, you can reinvest your winnings into play. Deposit based bonuses tend to be higher because you are offering a financial commitment to the site to qualify. So, while you are not strictly playing for free, you will have access to your bonus when you hit the required criteria, so you basically get extra play that you don’t have to pay for.

Understand Progressive Slots

If you play a progressive slot some of the wagers every player bets gets added into the total jackpot available. Now, this does mean they can often boast bigger jackpots than random slots (which do not use the wager in this manner), but you need to make sure you qualify to potentially win the jackpot. Some slots offer the jackpot to all players no matter how much they bet; others restrict it to a separate jackpot bet. Remember that although the jackpots tend to be worth more than other slots, the games themselves tend to have lower payout rates.

Pick a Budget and Be Prepared to Walk Away

As we said right at the start, there is no way to cheat a slot machine no matter what some sites might promise. Slot machines have been designed to be addictive, for obvious reasons, and it can be tempting to think your big win must be within reach if you just keep paying. In all honesty, it is a game of chance and you will win some and lose some, so you really should consider limiting yourself. It can be all too easy just to keep adding money to your account, which can become very dangerous. It is suggested that you create a gambling bankroll and stick to it. You will find all sorts of advice about the amount but it really comes down to your own financial circumstances. It is also a good idea to consider your bet amount, and online slots make it really easy to adjust your stake, so if you want to play for longer, bet less. Sure, you will win less, but in the long run, it gives you the chance to play for a greater period of time without getting into money issues.

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