Magicka Delayed until January 2011

The awesome looking action-rpg Magicka has been delayed until January 2011. On the positive side, Arrowhead and Paradox Interactive have decided to go down the route of announcing this through two fairly amusing videos – using Magicka’s gameplay to ‘explain’ what happened. The other good news is that the game will only cost $9.99. Get your robes ready for some multiplayer co-op spell-casting in January!

Magicka: How the game got delayed trailer – Part 1:

Magicka: How the game got delayed trailer – Part 2:

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  • Zyle

    Aww poop. But I do love the manner in which Paradox decided to announce this news, and am always grateful when publishers decide to delay rather than release a buggy game. Kudos guys!

  • Evil Tactician

    Can’t wait for this to be out. We’ll certainly arrange some sessions here with the Mana Pool team!