Kickstarter: Inochi Project

If you have a hankering for an online world filled with adorable creatures, Inochi Project might be something to look into. The game is currently early in its Kickstarter campaign, though readers will be able to find a solid direction in its game design. Built upon the idea of customization, players can take their animal robot avatars – called ani-mechs – and throw together all manners of parts to create something unique.

The main gameplay comes in exploring the world and battling other players. Your ani-mech belongs to one of the six animal houses, each with their own fighting style and camps within the main area – Shine City. Through questing, trading, and levelling-up, more abilities become available and can be customized before heading into battle.

Inochi Project Skills

There’s an alpha demo available now on their Kickstarter page, so don’t be shy. Roll up an ani-mech. Who knows. Sometime in the far future you may end up battling my chicken in your quest to save us all from the evil Rust King.

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  • Evil Tactician

    Dear god this is cutesy. The trailer reminds me of one of those Pixar movies/trailers, it’s exactly in that type of style. Looks pretty awesome, especially for an indie title. It’s of no less quality than say Spore was.