Is Online Gambling Legal in Nevada?

Gambling has been a popular sport even before the internet was invented. The revolution of the internet has introduced us to online gambling. Some states have deemed online gambling illegal. But, what about Nevada? Is online gambling legal in Nevada? Let’s find out.

The internet has changed the world and our perspective of life has changed with it. We do our shopping online. Even our work is now done online. So does gambling. Now in this pandemic, online gambling has skyrocketed in users. The main reasons for it are safety, convenience, and a thrilling environment. Some prefer online casinos over physical casinos because the online casinos have no disturbance whereas the physical casinos tend to be loud and full of unwanted distractions. If you prefer online casinos as well, avail amazing bonuses from LeoVegas Welcome Bonus.

Online Gambling in Nevada

Now the question is if online gambling legal in Nevada? Yes. Online gambling is perfectly legal in Nevada.

Nevada is very strict about its Law enforcement and regulations, especially since the presence of Area 51 has forced Nevada to follow laws strictly. When a law in Nevada passes, it is more likely to be passed in other states and countries as well.

Nevada has a huge industry of gambling. The gambling industry of Nevada alone generates approximately $11 billion every year. Thus it is a huge part of the economy. Online gambling was first legalized in Nevada back in 2010, a little late compared to the other states. Now, Nevada has over a hundred sportsbooks available for locals to gamble online.

Though online gambling is legal in Nevada, it is neither licensed nor regulated. But a popular gambling game, online poker is legal and regulated in Nevada and it is thriving with gamblers within the state.

Now, what else can gamblers in Nevada can play online that is licensed and regulated besides online poker? Playing in an online offshore casino will cause a felony charge and six months in jail. That is definitely not worth it.

Well, if you can put aside the concept of gambling with real money online, then there is good news for you. The local land-based casinos in Nevada have made its social network version, which is accessible online and you won’t have to pay a visit to the court for it.

Gambling at Social Casinos

But can you experience the same thrill you experience usually gambling with real money? The thrill of winning and losing real money was a key reason why online gambling became popular. So doesn’t move real money out of the equation makes the social casinos in Nevada less exciting?

Actually, no! The social casinos in Nevada do not let you gamble with real money but you do get to gamble with token and sweeps coins. These coins are received when signing up in a social casino. You gamble with others to win or lose these sweep coins. What makes these sweep coins important? You can win real rewards and even cash with these sweep coins in various contests that are later held by the local casinos. Thus they simulate the same thrill of gambling with real money and restore the equation that made online gambling exciting.

Bottom Line

So, if you are a Nevada dweller and want to experience the excitement of an online casino, then these social casinos are your best choice. Otherwise, you can play online poker which is completely legal and licensed in Nevada.

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