Indie Game Roundup: Bullets

Thursday Triple is a weekly roundup of Indie Games from around the Net.

Get your trigger-fingers warmed up, because this week welcomes games that love covering your screen in bullets, explosions, and great cosmic fireballs.

Throwback – RefleX


Part of the Tale of ALLTYNEX Trilogy, the original Japanese release of this game in 2008 finally received English localization after a successful Kickstarter campaign last year. Now it’s appeared on Steam, and I had a chance to take a look at the classic vertical-scrolling SHMUP.

Like most bullet-hells, RefleX is tough as nails. It’s fast, but unlike others in the genre, it actually encourages the player to let go of the trigger from time to time in order to get the best score. I’ll be covering RefleX in a full review later this month. Until then, for a bit of arcade fun, peruse the video trailer below.

RefleX is available now on Steam for $7.99.

Steam Early Access – Broforce

By Free Lives

Equally chaotic and just as chock-full of destruction is Free Lives’s Broforce. This platformer revels in explosions and constantly pokes fun at the macho-mentality associated with fellows that pronounce the United States as “‘MURICA!’” Whether you prefer fighting terrorism with recognizable weapons like machine guns, or go for the unconventional American-cuisine-grenade to give your enemies a “taste of freedom” (not my words, I swear), your little character will splatter the screen with pixel blood in the great name of democracy.

Oh. And the terrain is destructible. Because the only thing more fun than blowing up terrorists is blowing up your friends in co-op.

Broforce is available now on Steam Early Access for $14.99.

Up and Coming – Cosmochoria

By Nate Schmold

Sometimes, though, we have to take a break from all this destruction and consider rebuilding life (if only so that we can start the cycle again). For this purpose, your character in Cosmochoria has taken it upon himself to go out into the universe to plant seeds across barren planets. You aren’t alone out there, of course. An ancient race of aliens will see your progress and try to stop you with whatever means they can.

So take your laser blaster and spread some happiness. It all seems so peaceful until you get attacked by space-dragons.

Find Cosmochoria on Kickstarter.

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  • Evil Tactician

    I tried RefleX for a bit, dear god it’s hard. Those boss fights are brutal.

    • Lachrymosity

      But it’s so rewarding once you learn their patterns. You’ll occasionally hit a wall, but that’s when I step away for a bit, and when I come back things feel a whole lot easier.