How to Write a Review on Games

We have noticed that many people that come to buy dissertation at thesispanda choose computer games as their topic. Somehow, the very idea of writing an academic paper on the topic of entertainment seems extremely attractive them, and games are probably the very essence of entertainment.

Game reviews are always a part of such dissertations. What we also noticed, however, is that few people know how to write a good game review. That’s why we have decided to describe the fundamentals in this article.

There are a few things that your review must have NO MATTER WHAT. These are:

A clear structure

Even if the topic doesn’t set the right academic or research mood, you should stick to well-established review writing rules. And such rules state that you need a structure. Following a structure should in theory make it easier for you to write and organize thoughts. The kind of structure you choose doesn’t really matter as long as you have one. Generally, it seems a good idea to use the regular 3-part structure of any academic paper.

Analysis of the plot

Your objective analysis of the plot should be focused on main events and the combination of story lines instead of general feelings. In other words, how ridiculous is it that certain countries can team up in a war against other countries in the Middle Ages? Does it make sense that certain things happen and certain don’t? Are there any obvious mismatches that would reduce the educational value of a game to zero? The ability of game developing companies to think through all possible story lines and ensure their integrity is a very, VERY important factor to analyze.

Analysis of the atmosphere

Sometimes, you don’t really care what happens in the game as long as it just happens. Witcher 3 is a good example of a game where every little detail works to create a certain cozy atmosphere. The game was highly praised for this atmosphere and won over the hearts of gamers all over the world. The graphics, the music, the characters – all of those contribute into creating the atmosphere and thus, should be analyzed as a combo.

The level of detailization

The atmosphere, as well as the general impression from a game are often defined by how many details have been included in it. Whether it is what characters say, what things they refer to in their conversations, details of their clothes or maybe some scenery details – the more relevant details there are, the higher the quality of the game, as simple as that.

Monetization scheme

The way in which the game creators chose to monetize their game is rather important and can say a lot about the game itself. Whether it’s the high price of the game, in-game purchases or else – make sure to specify it in your review.

Last but not least, tell if there is anything special about the game. Maybe something caught your attention, like a specially created radio station with awesome music. This will add some character to your review.

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