How To Win Big At Online Slots

Nobody has ever gambled has done so without intending to take out more than they put in. If winning wasn’t the objective, none of us would ever gamble at all. But there’s no denying that some people are just better at it than others. That’s why some people are professional gamblers, and the rest of us just play for a little fun and money around our work and social lives! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways for you to improve your game.

We’ve been around the world of online casinos for a while, and we’ve learned a few things which we’re happy to share with you right now. Also, successful gamblers like to boast – they’re forever giving their best tips and advice to publications like Forbes Magazine. We’ve taken advice from the pros into account as well. So sit back, open your mind, and grab a pen and paper. You’re about to learn a few things!

1. Start With A Reputable Gaming Site

Before we even start talking about features of technique, you should verify who you’re gambling with. The best advice in the world isn’t going to help you if you’re placing your bets with someone who isn’t regulated or can’t be trusted. If a gambling site is legitimate and approved with the right professional bodies, they’ll tell you so, and the logos of those bodies will be visible on the website. As an example, take a look at Money Reels. At the footer of the page, you can see logos for several well known card companies, plus accreditation and approval from gambling commissions. That’s the level of approval and security you need to keep an eye out for. If they don’t have it, don’t give them your money!

2. Remember They Want Your Custom, And Will Pay For It

You are the customer. Although it might not always feel like it, that puts you in a position of power within the world of online gambling. Every single website wants your regular business. That means every single website is willing to compete for your business. If you’ve been doing all of your betting in the same place, you’ve been doing it wrong.

On the Table

Pretty much every major online casino will offer you introductory bonuses to come on board with them. That includes free spins, free casino chips, welcome packages, free bets and promotions that are only open to new customers. Go and use them. And the best bit? If you spend some time away from your usual online casino, they’ll eventually start emailing you with offers in an attempt to win back your custom. Always bet where the odds are closest to being in your favor – and nothing is ever more in your favor than a free bet.

3. Keep An Eye Out For Smaller Jackpots

When we play online slot games, we’re always keeping our eye out for the biggest jackpot. Everybody wants to be the one to win big. That’s just human nature. But pause for a second and think about why an online slot machine is offering such a huge jackpot in the first place – it’s because they don’t expect you to win it. An online slot offering a multi-thousand pound jackpot isn’t going to pay out all that often – it would be a terrible business model for the game’s owners. If the jackpot is that high, it will be very difficult to obtain.

Rock and Scissors

Really high jackpots are often progressive in nature, which means you’re spending a lot of time and money generating the jackpot to begin with. Plus there’s the peril of making one slip on concentrations and costing yourself the whole thing. Instead, look at the slots offering the lower maximum returns. They’re likely to be easier to obtain, and more frequent in their payouts, because they’re a lower risk to their operators. You’ll make more money earning $50 from a slot semi-regularly than you will putting coin after coin into chasing a $5000 jackpot you’re never realistically going to win.

4. Look For Slots With Plenty Of Features And Bonuses

The bonuses and special features are often the difference between a big win and a small one. A slot which has what appears to be a small jackpot can actually pay out big if there’s a bonus feature on there which offers multiples. Even the most vanilla-looking 3 x 5 slot can become a goldmine with the right set of features. Look for a game that’s easy to play, but has a fair bonus system that’s easy to follow. The whole point of a good bonus or feature round is that it boosts both your chances of winning, and your maximum win.

And when we’re talking about good features, what we’d expect as a minimum is a free spin, a scatter feature, wild cards and multipliers. Once upon a time such thing were few and far between. Nowadays you should expect them as a minimum, and avoid feeding money into titles that don’t offer them.

5. Don’t Get Pay Line Blindness

Just like with jackpots, the human mind is conditioned to think that bigger always means better. If you’re faced with a choice between a 50 payline slot and a 5 payline slot, you might be one of those people who always goes with the higher number of options. After all, more winning combinations means more chances to win, right? Actually, wrong. The more paylines there are, the more you actually have to cover in order to land a winning bet. Having 20 or more paylines is only actually any use if you’re going to cover all 20. Only covering 5 means you’re not actually getting any benefit at all.

You can of course go for maximum betting, and ramp up your chances of winning. There’s nothing wrong with that strategy if you can comfortably afford to do so; it’s your best chance of winning big. It’s also one of the more expensive ways to bet, and it definitely isn’t suitable for every budget. What truly appeals more to the gambler in you; spending big to get a chance of winning big, or paying out less to go for smaller rewards? If it’s actually the second option, then those multi-payline slots probably aren’t your best option after all.

It’s As Simple As That!

There’s no rocket science here; it’s just a simple case of adjusting your existing strategy slightly, making use of different websites and their introductory offers, and teaching yourself that the big prize doesn’t arrive as quickly as the small one. Small adjustments in mindset can make a big difference in your win rate.

We hope this advice was useful to you! As always, gamble safely and responsibly, and only play when it’s fun!

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