How New Technology Has Transformed Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games and still today it is one of the most played. It has transformed over the years due to technological advances make things possible for the first time. The major transformation happened during the online revolution with the game moving from the casino floor to our screen via online video streaming. In this article, I will talk about the technology that has had the biggest impact along with what the future holds for this classic gambling game.

#1. Roulette Graphics

The most obvious change that has taken place over the years it the increase in graphics quality. When online roulette first became available it had extremely basic quality graphics but now you can even play in virtual worlds via VR. The technological advances in graphics cards mean that even smartphone have the power to offer HD quality games. Expect this to improve future over the coming years with 3D, VR and AR all improving extensively to be able to create brand new environments for gambling.

#2. Mobile Roulette

Mobile roulette apps have been downloaded by millions of people around the world and the popularity is on the rise. Smartphones are in a golden era with new and exciting developments happening all year around. There are many different types of application for mobile that can be used to play roulette and this will continue to grow over the foreseeable future.

#3. Roulette Fairness And Transparency

One of the best things that have happened for gamblers of Roulette is that the house edge keeps on coming down. You can now find versions of the game that have no zero which means with the right strategy you can become a winner. Technology advances for games also have helped to create an unrivaled transparency which is powered by the Blockchain. Cryptocurrency based models of the game offer provably fair gaming which has not been possible before. It works by using RGN technology running on the Blockchain network so that each transaction is individually verified by the network which eliminates any risk of fraud taking place. These are all displayed in the public ledger which means checks can be carried out by anyone.

#4. Roulette Payment Options

If you wanted to play online roulette at a casino in the past, the only options available were via bank transfer or credit cards. This was problematic as it meant that payment times could take days to process along with players having to supply lots of documents to prove identity. This is changing fast due to Bitcoin and other cryptos as they enable roulette to be played without registration. Cryptocurrency payments can be done autonomously with no or tiny fees attached which means that the problems of the past are no longer relevant for those that gamble using crypto.


There are many exciting technological advances happening and these will help power the next generation of Roulette games. There are many groundbreaking developments happening in the crypto space that is been used to benefits gamblers of this casino classic. With virtual and augmented reality development progressing at a rapid speed, the game will be more immersive than ever before so get ready for a truly remarkable transformation in the near future.

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