Gaming on the Go

The way we play games online has changed massively thanks to a mixture of better technology and a complete change in gaming culture. We no longer need to sit next to gaming consoles or PCs, with internet enabled mobile phones and tablets allowing players to access games anywhere, 24 hours a day. Mobile games have come on leaps and bounds from classics like Snake, with 3D graphics, high quality sound and immersive, epic gameplay fully possible thanks to incredible processors, graphics cards and solid state memory all jammed into even the most basic of smart devices.

Classic console games like FIFA, Final Fantasy, Fallout and Call of Duty have taken the leap to mobile, backed up with modern classics like Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Clash of Clans. Gamers have never had such a wide range of portable games, with both the variety and quality leaving dedicated ancestors like the Gameboy, PSP and Nintendo DS in the dust. Gamers are projected to spend over $46 billion worldwide this year, proving just how popular mobile online has become and providing more revenue for game developers to come up with increasingly incredible player experiences and improvements which are requiring mobile devices to become even more powerful.

One particular area of gaming that has benefited massively from both improved technology and easier access is the world of online gambling. Thanks to mobile apps, native mobile websites and games designed primarily with smaller smart devices in mind, players can access a huge variety of casino games, sports gambling and even bingo from their devices, without needing to visit a traditional casino, bookmaker or bingo hall. Customers can gamble quite literally anywhere, with high quality virtual environments and even video-streamed live dealers helping to bring the real-life casino experience online.

The type of person who gambles has changed massively too, with more young people and women now enjoying online gambling thanks to improved accessibility and targeted marketing to entice the next generation. Themed games, dedicated mobile apps and sleek, modern gameplay are some of the drivers for this change in demographic. In addition to this, sites like 888poker have been particularly mindful in ensuring that their poker experience is accessible on a range of different platforms catering for all age groups.

Thanks to an almost insatiable demand for online gambling, technology has now become the main focus for game developers and online casino operators are in the quest to be at the forefront of gaming and aiming to ensure there are a steady stream of new customers who are blown away by stunning visuals and innovative gameplay.

The ‘one to watch’ in the gaming world currently however is virtual reality, A format that lends itself very well to sitting at a table playing casinos games or marking off a bingo card. We know that some of the big players in the virtual casino game development world are already planning VR experiences for gamblers, so it is only a matter of time before we’re using devices like the Occulus Rift and Samsung Gear headsets to access your favourite online games.

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