Gambling Wins You Could Never Dream About

Gone are the days when people were spending time reading books and walking in the parks. With the development of the gambling industry, millions of people worldwide became interested in it as it is a great source of an additional income. Some prefer to play online slots real money no deposit at the most reliable and appreciated by customers online casino websites, whereas others are keen fans of traditional gambling houses with luxurious and rich environments. Despite different tendencies, there is still something that unites all gamblers across the world – an opportunity to hit the jackpot. And the bigger it is, the better!


Believe it or not but when gambling, luck and inspiration are the main key factors for a positive outcome. Some people keep playing all their life and never win more than $1000, while others easily hit jackpots and not once. If you still don’t believe it, then here is some evidence of that.

Some players win more, others win less, but whatever amount of money you win, it does bring extremely positive emotions along with adrenaline and a desire to keep playing more and more. If you are a newbie in this particular industry, then reading about considerable wins will definitely inspire you to start playing right now at the best online casino websites or physical gambling houses (whatever you prefer more).

Once, a resident of London, Ashley Revell, who was 32, decided to show everyone and mainly his family what he is capable of. For that, he went to the gambling capital Las Vegas with all his savings and took a roulette table there. He had $135.000 and bet it all at once on the red sector, knowing and feeling that it would either change his life forever or ruin it completely. Hundreds of casino visitors were watching him along with the family members. After an intense couple of minutes, the ball has finally stopped at the needed red sector which automatically doubled Revell’s bet.

Another lucky person who has hit the 20 million dollars jackpot is Kerry Packer. It happened in 1997, when an ordinary player who was a great fan of baccara went to MGM Grand casino in the Sin City, Las Vegas. Having once won 20 million dollars, he later lost more than 30 million dollars playing jackpot and is, therefore, considered to be one of the biggest losers.

And one more example of a gambling luck is Elmer Sherwin – a man who has hit the jackpot twice in his life with the 16-year difference. For the first time, it happened in Vegas, in 1989, when he won 5 million dollars playing Megabucks slot machine. 16 years later, he went to Vegas one more time and did it again – he won 21 million dollars playing the same slot machine! Sounds very improbable but that’s what really happened.

Next time playing favorite table games or slot machines, don’t forget to take your luck with you. Who knows what might happen.

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