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It’s easy to spend a ton of money on hot new PC games, with many new releases retailing for $50 or more. While the amazing graphics and sophisticated gameplay are usually worth every penny, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to have fun playing games on your computer; plenty of popular PC games such as free online poker can offer you many hours of enjoyment without having to pay a single cent.

1) Facebook Games

One of the big factors behind the popularity of Facebook is the games, nearly all of which are quick, easy, and free. FarmVille, Mafia Wars, and puzzle games like Bejeweled Blitz are just a few of the more popular free games available on Facebook, which millions and millions of players enjoy each and every day.

The social nature of the games is one of the reasons they’re so popular, as you can share your top scores with Facebook friends with a click of a button and help each other out to complete tasks in many games.

2) Browser-Based Games

Another popular genre of free PC games are browser-based games such as Ikariam and Evony, which let players build up cities and empires and manage their economies and kingdoms. The settings for these games range from medieval times, the Wild West, to futuristic space civilizations, giving players plenty of options and game strategies to choose from.

These free games are accessed via a Web browser, so all you need is a PC and an Internet connection to play. Some of the more sophisticated games offer very detailed and intricate gameplay, on par with what you’d get when buying other traditional PC games. One thing to note is that while many of these games are free to play, the developers do incorporate special add-ons and boosts that you must pay for. (Micro transactions)

3) Poker

More and more players are enjoying their favorite poker game online these days, as it makes it incredibly easy to find a seat at the table virtually any time of the day or night. While most players compete for real money nearly every major online poker site also offers tables where you can play for free.

Not only is playing for free a great way to sharpen up your poker skills but you’ll also be eligible for special freeroll tournaments that award cash prizes, so you can actually win money without ever spending a dime of your own money.

4) Solitaire, Minesweeper, Freecell, and Hearts

It seems a bit silly including these as games like Spider Solitaire are included with nearly every PC sold, but they’ve been played billions of times over the years, making them some of the most popular free PC game available. And unlike the other games mentioned above, you can enjoy them wherever you are, as they don’t require an Internet connection.

5) Free MMORPGs

World of Warcraft takes the top spot as far as MMORPGs and is the game that most people know in the genre, but there are also plenty of free MMORPGs that let you enjoy a very similar experience fighting monsters and other players and completing quests to level up your characters. The action is similar in most games, so it’s easy to jump right in, create a character, and start exploring the game. Some of the more popular free MMORPGs include Dungeons & Dragons Online, Anarchy Online, and Runes of Magic.

by Rebecca Byant of Pokerlistings

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