CS:GO Skins That Generally Cost Less Than $1

In the CS:GO community there is a popular opinion that it is impossible to buy beautiful and at the same time cheap skins. Well, it all depends on approach and ability to seek the best options. It is not always necessary to spend hundreds of dollars to make your weapon look stylish and pleasing to the eye. It is quite possible to do that for one dollar.

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Penny Guns Skins in CS:GO Description
Basically, when you get the skin it changes the gun’s overall appearance, makes it look original and attractive. This is the reason skins are so important – they change the way player treats the game dramatically. And below is the list of guns skins that usually cost less than $1 on the market.
Desert Eagle Oxid Blaze. It is a full copy of usual Blaze, but bright color of fire was replaced with neutrally white. Such variant looks more stylish and brutal.


If you do not really like the brutal option, you can choose Desert Eagle Corinthian. The gun looks very unusual and costs only 53 cents.
To fans of revolvers we would advise to pay attention to R8 Revolver Amber Fade. The skin will cost you 65 cents.
Five-SeveN Violent Daimyo. Executed in a combination of violet and black colors, the gun skin can be sold for 44 cents.
Cheap and beautiful skins of AK-47 are available and for any CS-gamer the Kalashnikov is a cult weapon. Thus, there are many options of skins that cost less than a $1 for this weapon.


You can buy/sell worthy AK-47 Elite Build for 71 cents. It seems that there is nothing remarkable in the gun, but the price looks quite adequately.Another quite a decent option still is Emerald Pinstripe. Curls of different flowers are applied to an oak surface (well, it looks like oak). This one can be sold for more than a $1 (however, not much).

Beautiful skins for Counter-Terrorists in CS:GO
There are also clothings for the characters available. There is nothing difficult in collecting the uniform for the counter-terrorist. There are lot of good guns for special troops.
For example, M4A1-s Nitro is included to the standard equipment. The combination of opaque black and red makes weapon look futuristic. The price can make $1-3 though.
The M4A1-S Basilisk is also a standard model for sale. The metallic frame executed in bright colors and with the Basilisk image on the surface — it is worth each cent of the dollar that can be spent on it.

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