Crusader Kings II New Gameplay Trailer

Sharpen your blades, the backstabbing and intrigue of medieval Europe is being brought to life. Paradox Interactive have released a brand new Gamescom gameplay trailer for their internally developed Strategy RPG Crusader Kings II, set to release on PC in early 2012.

Crusader Kings II is created by the development team that created the Europa Universalis series, the Hearts of Iron Series and the Victoria series as well as the upcoming game Sengoku.

Rule with an iron fist and win the hearts of your subjects through fear, or lead a nation through respect and loyalty—the choice is yours. Each forthcoming campaign in Crusader Kings II will deliver a different experience through each decision made but choose wisely, each decision may be the last.

The gameplay trailer can be viewed here:

In this deep character-driven strategy game, Europe is in turmoil. Expand your domain and fill your coffers, appoint vassals, battle traitors, introduce laws while interacting with hundreds of nobles, struggle for control of bishops and create the most powerful dynasty in medieval Europe.

A beleaguered king will always have friends to support him. But beware, as your rule and realm may find trouble when a loyal vassal becomes a bitter rival. Stand ready, increase your prestige, and the world will whisper your name in awe. Raise your heirs to follow in your footsteps as diplomatic kings, or watch as they ruin your family’s legacy by betraying your people for personal gain. Your legacy awaits you.

Keep your alliances close, your blades sharp and your wits about you at all times – for you will need them. Sacking an army takes strength. Ruling an entire nation takes a true leader.
Do you have what it takes to become a Crusader King?

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