CreaVures Finalist in Indie Showcase

Creavures, the newest title by Muse Games, has just been officially selected as a showcase finalist at the upcoming Brighton Develop Conference in the United Kingdom. This comes hot on the heels of an update that adds new cut scenes, music tracks, new and improved user interface, and support for 5 additional European languages – German, Spanish, Italian, French, and Dutch.  Additionally, to celebrate the success of CreaVures and players’ continued support, Muse Games is offering 50% off CreaVures on the Mac App Store and for the next two weeks.

Join Rolly, Bitey, Zappy, Glidey, and Pokey as they traverse their forest which has fallen into darkness. Working together to overcome great obstacles, these glow-in-the-dark heroes will travel great distances in their quest to return light to the once vibrant land. Challenging puzzles and terrain will be overcome only by the teamwork of these stalwart friends.

Utilize the abilities of each cute, whimsical CreaVure to solve interesting puzzles. Roll, glide, climb, and swing your way through each level of the magical forest.  But remember, no CreaVure can be left behind!  CreaVures is a unique platform puzzle game with amazing black light visuals that is fun for all ages.

Find CreaVures for 50% off on the Mac App Store and

CreaVures Screenshot 1 CreaVures Screenshot 2

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