Can We Improve on Multiplayer Games?

Gaming has always been very popular, but it seems right now that more and more people are playing games as a form of entertainment. What’s been apparent over the last decade of so is the rapid rise of multiplayer titles and how these games are now very much preferred to single player alternatives. With multiplayer titles now becoming so prominent in the industry, it’s vitally important that they keep evolving and improving to keep audiences interested.

So how can we actually improve on multiplayer games? First of all there’s a big demand for battle royale games. Titles such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite have become huge battle royale games, and are easily a couple of the most played titles in the world right now. Games have to be unique though, and while PUBG and Fortnite are; it’s vitally important that developers aren’t producing games that are too similar to what has gone before them.

More and more of the general public these days are starting to play games on their smartphones and tablets; so this is something that should be considered when it comes to multiplayer games too. While there are some superb multiplayer titles that have been specifically designed for smartphones, it’s also great to see games such as Fortnite and PUBG making their way into the mobile gaming world too. If console and PC games are playable on mobile too, it would make them a lot more appealing.

What we have seen recently over the last few years too is the rise of eSports. While some eSports titles see players go head to head in a single player mode, there are plenty of games out there that are competitive multiplayers too. An improvement that could possibly looked into would be if there were more local tournaments and events held. What often seems to be the case right now is that eSports tournaments often take place in the big cities around the world and rarely locally.

A multiplayer game that really took the world by storm when it was released was Niantic’s Pokémon Go. It’s a game that isn’t a full-blown multiplayer title, but it does have features such as battling for gyms that you would consider to be multiplayer. A key factor in the success of Pokémon Go was the use of augmented reality. The game really announced the arrival of AR and put the spotlight on it.

Going forward it would certainly be worth considering using the latest technologies such as augmented reality and even virtual reality in order to improve the gaming experience when it comes to multiplayer titles. It would be a way to move away from the more generic multiplayer sort of game and give players something new to try out. People do love to get stuck into games that put the latest tech to work.

Virtual reality has long been tipped to transform the way that we play games in general. It has the ability to really take things to another level and it certainly has the capabilities to be huge in the multiplayer gaming scene. Imagine being able to play a multiplayer game in a virtual world and how great that would be.

There is no doubt that multiplayer games are here to stay and are increasing becoming more and more popular across all age groups, countries and demographics. There is already a strong presence in terms of events like eSports and video games. In fact, multiplayer games have been around for years in the casino industry with the likes of poker tournaments. Nowadays this has evolved into additional events like online slots and even multiplayer tournament blackjack. So the future for multiplayer games is going to be mind blowing, and players should be ready to be amazed with even more exciting developments and features in 2018 and beyond.

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