Allods Online Official Release in Europe

The producer of the free to play MMO Allods Online, Gala Networks Europe, has recently issued a statement to their community, announcing Volume 4 as the official release of Allods Online in Europe.  Like all previous expansions, the update will introduce more content, a range of new mechanics and additional areas to the game. Read on for the full details!

Volume 4 is the official release of Allods Online

Volume 4 is now deployed on our test server at and we are able to test the new mechanics that will be going live in Europe in a few weeks. The internal code name for Volume 4 is 2.0.2.xx in case you are looking for a Russian equivalence.  Of course, you can expect plenty of guides on new mechanics, as we have done for all our previous Volumes with our now famous “A closer look at…” series.

The translations for Volume 4 started several weeks ago! They are still in progress, and the amount is big, meaning that this expansion will once more bring tons of new content for your delight. Here are some highlights:

-          Level cap is raised to level 47, with new skills and new layers added to the talent tree

-          New PvE areas

-          New layers of the Astral that you will have to unlock via quests

-          The much requested mini map

-          A new innovative system to upgrade your items by merging them

-          Re-balanced raid and heroic instances

-          Change of incense mechanics following your feedback, stay tuned!

-          And much, much more

Besides all of that, we are actively working with Astrum Nival to speed up the release of future updates and patches in Europe, thus reducing the gap between Russian and European versions of Allods Online.

No More Curse Upon Death

Last week, as some of you noticed, the Phylacteries of Passage were free in the boutique for a short time. We then had to remove them as there was a gold exploit linked to this – /slap us. We are happy to let you know that this exploit has been addressed and that you can now get as many Phylacteries of Passage as you wish for free in the Boutique for the foreseeable future. Happy PvP!

March is about events!

-          Double EXP Delight, from the 1st of March to the 8th of March

-          Astral Batucada

-          I Got the Power: PvP Tournament. A guild-based Player versus Player tournament

-          Silent Hill Rookies

-          Astral Assault PvP event part II

Allods Online Release Allods Online Release Allods Online Release

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