Top 5 Online Games to Play in Lockdown

Games, a world of virtual wonders. A place where we can be whoever we want and do whatever we want in our capacity. And the integration of online technology with games has expanded the possibility of gaming. Now, we can collaborate with our friends and peers in the wonderful virtual world of gaming and share our fun and experience with them. We can also compete with other players all around the world. It is a way to connect with our friends, family and the world. And what better time to be connected with them with this technology in this lockdown of Covid-19?

So, if you have never played any online game but want to start playing and be connected with your loved ones, then do not be worried. We have made you a list of online games which are very engaging and you can play them at anywhere in your phone. You can also play with Heart Bingo if you want to give online casinos and slots a try.


Also known as Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds. Play solo or in squad with 3 of your friends and compete against other group of players all around the world in this intense shooting game. It also features voice chat and texts to help guiding your team throughout the battlefield.

You can also talk with opponents with the voice option to have some fun. Each round lasts for 30 minutes and contains 100 players. Everyone starts with nothing. They have to gather weapons, ammos and equipment throughout the battle to survive until the end.


If you are not interested in the bloodiness of shooter games but want to be a part of that excitement, then Fortnight is probably the best shooter game for you. It is almost similar to PUBG but without the blood. It is a colorful and wholesome version of PUBG with extra features of customization.

Moreover, Fortnight features crafting, which helps you in making defensive walls, towers and more for your advantage. As it has more colorful, wholesome skins and child friendly features, it is perfect for you to play with your distant young siblings in this lockdown.

Gareena Freefire

Gareena Freefire is a similar game of PUBG. It is specially made for low end phones so that everyone can experience the thrill of shooting games. Every features are almost similar to PUBG and some Fortnight features are also visible such as character defining powers, defensive walls etc. One notable difference about Freefire is that every round features 50 players, while PUBG and Fortnight have 100 players for each round.

Among Us

A different approach to online multiplayer games. You can play with 9 of your friends in a round of 10 people. The game is simple and it is a 2D game. What makes it different is that it is a game of deception. You with your crewmates are on a spaceship, space station or a different planet. All you need to do is complete the entire task to win.

But there is one problem. Two or sometimes one of your crewmates is an imposter. The imposter’s goal is to kill all of the crewmates and for that he can cause distractions by sabotaging the tasks.

The only way to figure out the imposter is through meetings, where everyone will discuss through texts to figure out the imposter and vote to kick them out. If they fail and all the crewmates die, the imposter wins. It is a great game and has taken 2020 by storm. Be sure to give it a try.

Genshin Impact

This is a beautiful multiplayer game for those who are fond of anime. It features beautiful visuals, element combat system and soothing soundtracks. You can build your own team and collaborate with your friends to explore the vastness of its open world. Perfect for anime lovers!

So these are the top 5 online mobile games you can try in this lockdown. Be sure to play them and be part of the beautiful online gaming community.

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