Top 11 Legendary Video Game Cutscenes

Great cutscenes don’t just interrupt gameplay. They provide a cinematic narrative, helping to create compelling and complex stories unique to games. These scenes don’t just advance the story. They can take completely uninteresting characters and transform and dramatically change them. Also, if you want to play slot games with great cutscenes, try some of IGT slot machine games.

Here are 11 of the most striking and memorable cut scenes that somehow reveal the characters and advance the main plot.

Mass Effect 2

Commander Shepard dies and then comes back to life with some upgrades. He has the task of creating a team to go on a literal suicide mission that no one has ever come back from one. It’s all very excitingly portrayed and captures the emotions of the main characters.


Portal’s ending credits are better than most other games. They are done in a way that turns the story upside down and makes the player rethink everything they’ve seen before. Even all the previous puzzles look very different after the credits. There’s also a catchy song that fans of the series have always loved.

God of War III

While many great clips are complex and impressive, this one is not. Not at all. Instead, it aims to hook the player with very different chips. Who needs complexity when Kratos rips the head off the former god Helios? It’s all very epic and unexpected, which is why fans loved this cut scene.

Final Fantasy VII

The seventh part of Final Fantasy amazed players all over the world. This opening cut scene starts with Aeris, after which she goes out to show the city of Midgar and then comes back on the train with an exclamation: “Oh, well, is this a game? I’m playing a movie?!”. The graphics may be outdated, but this intro still holds a special place in the heart of every RPG player.

BioShock Infinite

The ending of BioShock Infinite, one of the most controversial and, at the same time, a work of art. Not only does the video conclude the whole loop of the story, but it also cleverly comments on the very nature of the gameplay and game design, which fans reacted very vigorously to, not expecting to see such a thing.

Assassin’s Creed III

Assassin’s Creed, one of the most brilliant game franchises, has many clips to love. It’s hard to pick the standouts because they’re all very seamlessly integrated into the game. But there is one scene that is remembered by fans far more than the previous ones. One of the game’s characters is sharing a drink with the other. Both men are bleeding out. Then one of them plunges a dagger into his opponent’s heart. All of this is complemented by colorful graphics and dialogue.

Diablo II

The video tells the story of a guy who gets drunk in a bar and meets someone who may or may not be a demon. A crowd of fiery demons and skeletons jump out and destroy the bar, leaving behind complete chaos and destruction. The whole thing was very ambivalent to fans of the series. Some liked it, and some didn’t. However, this cut scene is one of the most impressive among all the video games.

Resident Evil

You will never forget your first experience. Resident Evil is a game film that has given gamers a whole new idea about game intros. Everything is so qualitative and realistic that you can take the real actors as the heroes of the cut scenes. Though it looks funny and silly now, in the 1996 year it was terrifying and started the whole genre of horror.

Max Payne 2

The Max Payne series does a great job of showing how you can add noir movie-like footage to a game. There are so many cut scenes from different parts of the game. But the most memorable was the heartbreaking death of Mona Sacks, one of the most complex female protagonists ever created for a video game.

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

When the game begins, we see a nightmare in front of us. The cut scene opens dramatically. A devastating storm. The gates of Hyrule Castle. Zelda escapes on horseback, the first meeting of the main characters. This cut scene was only the beginning of a truly epic adventure, which fans of the game forever engraved in their memories.

Silent Hill 2

The finale of Silent Hill 2 takes you through the emotional experience of the main character. James, the personage you have been controlling the whole time, realizes what horrible things he has done and why things are happening. It’s terrifying. All the emotion is conveyed in the final cutscene and clings to every fan of the series.

The provided top can be considered one of the best in its genre. Each of the cutscenes has its feature, uniqueness, and a chip that fans like so much. It can be an epic soundtrack, an unexpected turn of events, epic, or just beautiful, lively dialogues. All of this together is what makes video game commercials so successful.

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