The Humble Weekly Sale: TSG

Humble Bundle have teamed up with TSG to bring you 12 great indie games, as well as some merchandise that we can’t really recommend. Pay what you want to enjoy the whimsical adventure game, Puzzle Bots, the acrobatic precision-platformer, Dustforce, the gravity-defying puzzle platformer, VVVVVV, the minimalist puzzle platformer, Thomas Was Alone, and the classic Metroidvania-style action platformer, Cave Story+.

Our recommended price point for this Bundle: Pay $6 or more to also receive the world-building, god simulation game, Reus, the captivatingly dark puzzle platformer, LIMBO, the comedic Lovecraftian RPG, Cthulhu Saves the World, the retro-inspired action platformer, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, the critically-acclaimed survival-horror action game, Lone Survivor, and the experimental atmospheric platformer, Element4l.

Those who pay $10 or more will receive all of the above, plus the steampunk Metroidvania-style platformer, Teslagrad.

The Humble Weekly Sale: TSG

We strongly recommend against the next two price points – as that money is better invested in other bundles, Kickstarter projects or individual indie games. Or perhaps you just want to buy the ManaPool Editorial team a coffee? Nevertheless for completeness sake, here are the other options.

Pay $40 or more to receive all of the above games plus limited edition merchandise from Fangamer: a Humble Bundle exclusive ‘Dot Matrix’ t-shirt designed by pixel artist Drew Wise and a keychain featuring the TSG stopwatch logo.

Pay $100 or more to receive everything mentioned plus the MEGA FANGAMER SWAG BAG with more Humble Bundle exclusive goodies: a ‘Collage’ t-shirt designed by Nina Matsumoto, a sticker pack featuring characters from games in this promotion and a set of three 18″x24″ posters displaying the beautiful hardware of the SNES, Genesis and PSX.

You can find this bundle on the Humble Bundle Weekly page.

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