The Humble Weekly Bundle: RPG Maker

A bit of a weird one this week. Humble Bundle has put together a collection of RPGs alongside software that individuals can use to create their own games. You can grab RPG Maker VX Ace with its DLC Bundle #1 which includes music and graphic assets, Skyborn, Sweet Lily Dreams and the Free Games Bundle #1 comprised of four homebrew titles for whatever price you name.

Paying $6 or more will get you RPG Maker XP and two additional content packs, the DLC Bundle #2 and a Humble Bundle Exclusive Resource Pack. It’s a great value proposition, with games like To the Moon ranking highly on our lists, Deadly Sin 2 and Free Games Bundle #2 with an extra five homemade games.

And lastly, with $12 or more you can add the Game Character Hub, a tool for creating your own graphical assets. There’s another asset pack here, the DLC Bundle #3, and an additional game, Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal’s Realm.

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It’s a pretty staggering package worth over $350, and if you’re one for crafting stories in your free time, it’s definitely something to check out. Easy to pick up, the RPG Maker series is a great entry tool for those experimenting with interactive storytelling.

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