Kickstarter: Battle Chef Brigade

Ever since playing Capcom’s Monster Hunter series on various consoles, I fell in love with the idea of killing beasties for their delicious meats. Instead of your run-of-the-mill PvE title, there was something oddly satisfying with turning carcasses into fuel for your body so that you could become even better at hunting monsters.

It all sounds pretty reasonable to me. In a world filled with dragons and mammoth-sized bison, you have to wonder what kind of stuff the people eat. I imagine some dishes would be quite delectable and others as hardy as you’d expect of muscles that weigh a ton.

Alas, since Monster Hunter isn’t a PC series for folks outside of Japan, and doesn’t appear to be getting a PC version any time soon, I’ve been looking for substitutes that capture the same kind of whimsy in a bundle of culinary mastery. When I heard about Trinket Studios’sBattle Chef Brigade a year ago, I knew it was something to follow.

Glorious Food

There’s a selection of chefs to choose from each with their own unique styles, so whether you’re harpooning some fish or corralling a boar you’ll have to use the tools at your disposal to their utmost potential. The game’s focus is cooking after all, and precision will count as much as the raw ingredients you put into dishes.

But of course, when you’re dealing with meats from animals that could eat you, just ordinary tools alone won’t cut it. Which is why you’ve got an impressive arsenal of spells to help you churn out a feast fit for a king. Combined with your superhuman powers (have you seen how quickly the poster girl, Mina, can dice a slab of meat half her size?), these spells allow you to manipulate the kitchen beyond what any normal chef could dream of.

Now  that's exotic.

Now that’s exotic.

Progression and customization, equipment and exploration, Battle Chef Brigade promises to be an amusing foray into the realm of fantasy cooking. There’s RPG in the foundation and plenty of action in the air. They’ve only just began their Kickstarter campaign, but there’s lots to get excited about.

It’s colourful, it’s fantastical, and I can’t wait to see more. Follow Trinket Studios on Twitter or Facebook for future updates, and be sure to check out their Kickstarter here.

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