Indie Game Roundup: 1 to 4

Thursday Triple is a weekly roundup of Indie Games from around the Net.

Ah, the children are back to school. It seems like all the roads are filled with them – just yesterday a whole contingent of tiny people nearly ran me over on their quest to make the next train. Thankfully, neither kids nor trains have anything to do with this bunch of games.

GoD Factory: Wingmen

By Nine Dots Studio

Oh GoD Factory, with such style and vibrancy it stood out as being a space shooter that was equal parts badass and elegance. The concept is simple – it’s a multiplayer shooter with 4 vs. 4 gameplay – but the execution is smooth. From the hangar to the void, it’s got all the bells and whistles you’d expect of its genre.

The visual aesthetics may not be for everyone, though fans of Gundam or any other such mechas will certainly appreciate the chance to pilot a flashy humanoid robot in space. Ships are customizable and the wide assortment of abilities keeps the combat rolling. Ultimately, it’s more about tactics than twitch gameplay, which is a pleasant surprise.

So go bring a friend into this foray. It’s nice to have a wingman you know you can depend on (or not, as the case may be).

Lethal League

By Team Reptile

I thought this was like any other fighter until I realised the objective was to pass an anti-gravity ball to your opponent before it explodes in your face. Remember the party game “hot potato”? Lethal League is totally that, only cooler by a factor of at least ten.

With a ball that speeds up after every hit, you’ll need more than just good reflexes to beat the best online. Luckily there are skills you can use to your advantage, but they, like parrying, require time to master.

But hey, smashing balls has plenty of appeal by itself and it’s easy enough to pick up. For casual players it’s amusing, and the hardcore will find it rather competitive.

Moon Hunters

By Kitfox Games

RPGs are as good as novels or a great TV series as a way to get lost in someone else’s world for a couple dozen hours. Sharing that experience with others is even better – who wouldn’t want to go on an adventure with a best friend or two? Imagine the stories you’d create together, the in-jokes and references no one outside will get.

For that there is Moon Hunters, a current Kickstarter project aiming to build a world where you can attempt to earn a reputation for yourself that transcends into legend and myth. Each of your decisions affects how characters perceive you, and your personality is remembered in the stories told in the future.

In the absence of the moon (and thus explaining the title of the game), the world is thrown precariously off balance. It’s in chaotic times like these where heroes are born. And sometimes,

The reason why you do something can be as important as the act itself.

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