How Mobile Games Are Upping the Ante

Most serious gamers will have a console or a superfast computer that they like to play on, it’s the way it has been for years and maybe it won’t change too soon. However, with the rise of titles like PUBG and Minecraft, mobile gaming has reached a new level in recent years. With higher specifications being squeezed into more compact devices, it’s now possible to experience mobile gaming that simply wouldn’t have been possible as little as a year ago. So, with mobile phone manufacturers and mobile games developers continually one-upping themselves, are we on the verge of a mobile gaming renaissance? Let’s see.

The debate used to be whether pc gaming was better than console but recently, it’s changed. Now a whole new team of mobile gamers want to have their say. Mobile gaming has several major benefits over console and pc gaming, but perhaps the biggest one is its accessibility. Gaming grade computers and games consoles are incredibly expensive, meaning that only the wealthiest of the world’s population can afford to join in with the fun. Mobile phones, even some of the more sophisticated smartphones are much less expensive and also dual purpose, making them a more viable purchase for those on a lower income. Not only does this create a fairer world, it also means that it’s possible to truly find out who the best players are. When a game is opened up to a much larger section of the population, the competition gets even more fierce, letting only the truly brilliant players rise to the top.

Not so long ago, it was generally the case that mobile casino games were just a pared down version of their PC counterparts, but now that couldn’t be further from the truth. Lots of mobile slots are exactly the same as the PC version with identical bonuses and features, the only difference being they’re made for a smaller screen. Vegas Slots Online have trawled through thousands of mobile casinos to find the best providers out there who offer not only a safe and secure place to play, but also competitive bonuses for players who want their money to stretch further. This brings us quite neatly onto another point about money-saving. Whilst the mobile phone itself is often cheaper than a games console, so too is the game that you play on it.

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Older model or second-hand smartphones are available at a price point that is accessible to a far wider section of the population.

Most new release console games are upwards of $50 which is a serious consideration for a large chunk of the population. Most mobile games, on the other hand, come in at under $10, with the vast majority being totally free. Mobile games tend to make most of their money from either advertising or microtransactions. Microtransactions generally unlock special content, allow the player to skip ahead through a lengthy or difficult task, or give a boost to play cash. These transactions are usually for small amounts of money, hence the name, meaning that it isn’t out of reach for lower income players. Keeping microtransactions micro and base games free allows players with less disposable income to still enjoy the same games. The only difference is that they perhaps have to work a little harder, or spend a little longer, to get as far ahead as those with more money to spend on microtransactions. Whilst this puts the richer people at an advantage, it is still a lot closer to equality than the console model.

Finally, the portability of mobile phones is another huge bonus for the mobile gaming camp. Whilst there are plenty of great handheld gaming consoles they’re not the sort of item that people bring everywhere. It’s totally normal to almost never be without your mobile phone nowadays, so it represents a truly portable gaming device. This means that whether you want to make a call, take a quick photo, or train your Pokemon for a bit, you’ve got it all at your fingertips and it’ll fit in the pocket of your jeans too. Games that rely on frequent, short visits make brilliant mobile games. People who are really organized can set timers throughout the day to ensure that they maximise the progress they can make on their game. Those who aren’t so organized but find themselves needing to kill time during the day can make use of their mobile game’s portability for that reason instead.

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