Everything Great about Resident Evil 3

The Resident Evil franchise is undoubtedly one of the best survival horror/adventure/shooting games of all time, hands down. It is developed and published by Capcom. Originally, there are 10 main Resident Evil games excluding the remake of the previous games. There were particularly some games that were all-time fan favorite just like slots guide, and Capcom decided to remake some of those games to please the fans.

Resident Evil 3 was initially released on April 3, 2020, which is the remake of the original Resident Evil 3 released back in 1999. This would make anyone who used to enjoy Resident Evil 3 in the PS1 days nostalgic and excited.

This is not the first time Capcom tried to remake one of their old games. In fact, it’s the second time making Resident Evil 2 remake (2019) the first. The Resident Evil 2 remake was a huge success and the Resident Evil 3 remake is great as well. Let’s know about things that make Resident Evil 3 great.

Resident Evil is a Completely Different Game

Being very close or similar to the original one is something that you would expect from a remade game, that is, Resident Evil 3. However, it is very different from the original, or some might say, completely different. This is an aspect that makes this game particularly special.

Capcom has brought changes to the story which is similar, yet different. The story is rearranged in accordance with the timeline putting more emphasis on Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera. The final destination of different characters is not the same as the original game. Moreover, instead of multiple ending possibilities, the Resident Evil 3 remake has a fixed possibility which makes the game shorter than the original.

The gameplay and mechanics are also significantly updated to meet today’s high-end game standards. The graphics are impressive and there were many added features like third-person camera angle, weapon customization, and much more.

Amped up Firepower

This is a section where the Resident Evil 3 remake shines brighter than its predecessor. There is a wide range of weapons for you to choose from with tons of customization. There are specialized perks that are to be used to defeat particular enemies effectively.

You will be able to find ingredients to make rounds and even grenades for your grenade launcher that can have different explosion effects. These will be extremely effective for defeating the nemesis who is the main antagonist of the game.

During the entire game, you will be engaged in heavy gunfights and using heavy explosives. At the early stage of the game, you will get access to heavy firearms through Jill and Carlos. Through Jill, you get the shotgun early as opposed to Carlos where you will get access to an assault rifle early.

Shotguns can be devastating for close targets where accuracy is necessary for assault rifles yet deadly in long ranges. A great feature of the original game was the dodge feature which is also included in the remake. There are different timing of dodging the enemy’s attacks and dodging one perfectly will allow you to land a perfect counter-attack to moe down the enemy.

Incredible Looks and Interaction

One aspect that you can never hate of the Resident Evil 3 remake, which is the looks of it. This game is furnished with extremely looking details that are on par with any newly released graphical intense games. It will add a new dimension to your previous Resident Evil gameplay experience.

Not to mention, the looks are way better than the already successful Resident Evil 2 remake (2019). The details are picture-perfect with the perfectly tuned color profile and the overall darkened aesthetics. The amount of attention to detail will surely amaze you.

Not to mention, the voice actors and actresses did an amazing job that will make you engaged towards the game and make the interaction as natural as possible. You will feel the emotions, excitement, and heat of every possible moment.


If you are an enjoyer of horrifying games, you will surely appreciate this game. However, many people find this game disappointing because of the changes Capcom made in this game, And if you hold similar expectations, you might be the same. But what I think is that every game should be unique and playing the same game with improved graphics makes no sense. This is overall an excellent production of Capcom.

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