Classic PC Games Rule the Roost

Since the release of The Witcher on Netflix, many gamers have begun to revisit the classic PC game that came before the series. It turns out that even though console games have captured a huge share of the gaming market, classic PC games still lead the way when it comes to innovative gameplay and exciting storylines. Of course, this is just our humble opinion, perhaps you disagree? The PC vs console debate will undoubtedly continue to rage on between gamers for years to come, and we know that most people are staunchly on one side of the argument or the other. However, one thing that all gamers can agree on is that classic PC games are fun to play and just as relevant today as they ever were.

Money Makers

PC games come in all shapes and sizes, and one of the most popular strands of PC gaming is online casino games. Online casinos have proved hugely popular over the years, in fact; their popularity growth hasn’t yet peaked. And one of the best things about playing online casino games, other than the chance of winning jackpots of course, is that you can play them on your PC. There is no need to buy any special equipment and there is no need to download special software to be able to play the games. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go. If you want to play casinos with real money – guide will help you find the best online casino to get you started.

Social Gaming

The social aspect of PC gaming is a huge draw for many players and classic PC games, such as Counter Strike and Halo set the stage for the incredible popularity of multiplayer gaming. The competition within multiplayer games like Fortnite is seriously fierce. These PC games have become part of what is now termed eSports. Avid PC gamers have been known to dedicate huge stretches of time to devising winning strategies that will help them rise up through the ranks of professional eSport gamers. Players have been known to win hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money by winning eSport tournaments.

Out-Of-This-World Themes

The range of games that are on offer is another point in favour of PC games. Gamers can find games in a kaleidoscopic array of themes and topics. The Witcher series of games, for example, will take you into a fantasy world unlike any you’ve seen before. It’s a role-playing game and you’ll take on the role of the monster hunter, Geralt of Rivia. For those that prefer a little more realism and a little less fantasy, Control is a PC game that sets you down on the streets of New York City where your mission is to find your missing brother.

And let’s not forget Minecraft – an unlikely favourite but one that has captured the hearts of PC gamers all over the world. In Minecraft, you build your world and make your own luck. Many of the older games, such as Myst, for example, have been rereleased or have had sequels created in their honour. So, if you’re looking to revisit classic PC games, you won’t have to suffer old-school graphics in order to enjoy the gameplay; just look for the new version.

A Bright Future

We predict that there are even greater things to come in the world of PC gaming. With movies, books and TV series all there to be mined for gaming inspiration, we’re likely to see plenty of exciting takes on established storylines. Obviously, console gaming has plenty to offer gaming aficionados and more to come, but we stand by the statement that PC games rule the roost. From classic games to modern incarnations, PC games are the industry leaders and we think it will stay that way for many years to come.

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