Planescape: Torment Modding Guide

Although there has never been much released for Planescape: Torment in the way of mods compared to the other games released on the Infinity engine, you will really benefit from using the ones that do exist as they fix some incompatibility issues and bring the game up to date, making it a little more “modern pc friendly”.  So by way of a little followup to Alratan’s Planescape: Torment review, here’s a quick guide to the mods that are available for this magnificent RPG.

Planescape:Torment icon Game Fixing Mods – You really want these!

Install the mods in this order! (Source)

  1. If the game is already installed, uninstall it first and ensure the folder has been entirely deleted.  Your old saves are unlikely to work after patching.
  2. Install the game. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users should install the game to a folder outside of the Program Files folder.
  3. Do a full install of the game by following this comprehensive guide on Bootstrike.
  4. Install the v1.1 Patch if you are using the 4CD version. If you do nothing else, get this patch. It fixes some gamebreaking bugs! (Not required for other versions as they’re already patched).
  5. If you want to use a no-cd crack, install it now. (2CD Version4CD Version) This is particularly recommended  if you’re using the 4cd install, as the game requires you to change CDs extremely frequently and will drive you mad.  (Not required for GOG version).
  6. Install The Bigg’s Widescreen Mod.
  7. Install Ghostdog’s UI (only if you installed the widescreen mod; if not this mod is unnecessary.)
  8. Install All Inclusive Fixpack by Qwinn (Full details and readme here)
  9. Install Unfinished Business by Qwinn (Full details and readme here)
  10. Install Tweaks by Qwinn (Full details and readme here)

Planescape:Torment icon Cosmetic & Rulechanging Mods – You might want these!

Platter’s Mods

Max HPs Mod
This mod ensures all your party members will get the maximum amount of hit points available on each level up, so you will not have to reload when leveling up if you want to get as many hit points as possible.

Cities Explored
This mod removes the black Fog of War in the main outdoor city areas, like in Baldur’s Gate 2.

The areas affected are:

  • The Hive (all four areas plus Ragpicker’s Square)
  • Buried Village
  • Dead Nations
  • Lower Ward
  • Clerk’s Ward
  • Curst
  • Siege Tower and Fhjull’s House

Installation:  Extract the zip file into Torment’s override folder – for example; C:Program FilesBlack IsleTormentoverride

Dustman Robe
This mod changes the Nameless One’s appearance to the Dustman robe.

Installation: Extract the zip file into Torment’s override folder – for example; C:Program FilesBlack IsleTormentoverride

Lost Party Members Fix (Possible small spoilers in install instructions)
This is an after-the-fact fix for if you can’t find or talk to some of your party members.


  1. Extract the zip file into Torment’s override folder.
  2. Start up Torment and load your save game.
  3. Go to the appropriate area as it applies to you:
    • The “Drowned Nations.”
    • The Foundry (the first part of it, with the forges).
    • The Alley (or whatever area you were Mazed from).
  4. Make sure Party AI is on and that Nameless One is selected.
  5. Wait a few seconds without doing anything.
  6. Then press Y on your keyboard.

You should then be standing next to all the party members that were in your party when you entered your tomb/entered the Dream Machine/got Mazed.
That should do it, as long as you don’t have Y set to do anything else in Torment.
Remember to delete PCNAME.BCS from the override folder afterwards.

Convert Torment to English
If you have a non-English version of Planescape: Torment installing this mod will allow you to play Torment in the original English it was written in.
This does not change any sounds, only text.

Installation: Extract the zip file into Torment’s main folder – for example; C:Program FilesBlack IsleTorment

Black Isle Studios’ Mods

Leprechaun Annah
Easter Egg Morte

Planescape:Torment icon Troubleshooting

Check out the solutions to some common PS: T problems courtesy of  It’s definitely worth flicking through these tips before you start playing, to see if you can give yourself a more smooth experience.

I hope these mods and tips help to enhance your Planescape: Torment experience – enjoy!

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