Brawl Busters Reveals Character Classes

Rock Hippo Productions has announced a series of educational Brawl Busters Lessons to familiarize players with the game before its upcoming Closed Beta.  If you want to be one of the first brawlers to try out the game, drop us your email address at Brawl Busters, a Free2Play online multiplayer action combat game, has already received tons of positive feedback after its initial announcement. These lessons just might keep impatient players in check while they wait to get into the game.

The first Brawl Busters Lessons, showcasing four of the five character classes, the Firefighter, the Rocker, the Boxer, and the Blitzer, have already been released. Check out the fifth character class, the Slugger on Friday June 24th at As Brawl Busters nears its Closed Beta stage, more and more lessons will be published. Check back every Tuesday and Friday for a new lesson revealing various gameplay features.


Currently, the Free2Play PC title is still in its pre-Closed Beta stage. But rest assured, Rock Hippo is working extra hard to bring the game out as soon as possible. Want to try the game before everyone else? Drop them your email address at for a chance to receive a Closed Beta Key and become an Original Buster!

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